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If being like the next guy was the key to success I rather fail. I'm me. Plain and simple. I put all my work and emotions into every song and express myself in my lyrics and tone. My music defines me.


Max Foster, AKA MORI is an unsigned Rap artist waiting for his big break. Originally growing up in San Diego, CA, MORI defiantly didn’t have it easy. He lived in a household that forced him to become a man at a very early age. At age 4, his father committed suicide which in turn created a new set of hardships for his family. Moving around constantly with his mom and little brother, established no stability in schools. By age 12, MORI was kicked out of every school in the district and sent to go live in New York. MORI had developed a habit of fighting and soon found himself running with a rough crowd. Turning to the life of hustling and crime only caused more legal problems. At 18 MORI needed to make a change from his fast pace life and soon decided it was time to leave the streets. Immediately, he began working on his dream of becoming a rapper. Rapping was something that came second nature to him and with no other options besides hustling to provide for his young daughter, MORI decided he was going to go all out and try his hand at music. When an opportunity presented itself to perform back in his hometown of San Diego MORI went in hopes of scoring a record deal. Soon after, he found himself in the limelight fast and in the process of signing a record deal with a very well known company. After the glorious moment of signing paperwork that would soon change his life in every aspect, life took an abrupt turn. MORI was shot twice in the back. During his admission into the hospital, he was unconscious for a few days at which time the label decided they had no need to retain him. So they terminated his contract and when he awoke from his comma, he would soon discover that his dream of getting signed with a major record company and getting fame would be deferred. As if the record company’s news wasn’t bad enough, MORI had also found out that while his was in a comma, the same people that attempted to kill him gunned down and killed his manager as well. MORI was back to square one with no job, no record deal, and no manager for career support. The saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, was a proven fact with MORI. He felt as if he had nothing else to loose in life and music was his strength. His determination to regain his spot as a rap artist was remarkable. Tenaciously he worked on his music along with his physical strength. He began earning street credit and gaining popularity by winning Freestyle battles and selling his demo tapes just to make a steady living. Unfortunately, his street hustle wasn’t enough to survive on alone so he began contributing to the life of drug trafficking and was soon arrested. While serving his jail time, he did nothing but pass the time practicing to prefect his skill. He wrote endlessly well over 3 entire albums worth of material. Everything he had experienced in life up to that point was expressed in his lyrics. With the intentions of rising back on his feet after his jail term, MORI was planning on recording his material written and reclaiming a record deal. However, during his release from jail, his lyrics written on his note pad were confinscated and was promised to be mailed to him later. The note pad never was returned. And yet another slight setback but not enough to stop him. He continued to be persistent and write more with his fresh new motivation, he was now more determined than ever to make it in the music industry. So he stepped his hustle game up on a positive note. He took every chance he could to exploit and show off his skills without hesitation or fear in front of any crowd small or large. One opportunity came his way that he refused to pass up, and he entered a freestyle competition and soon meet the CEO of Jaunty 1 Entertainment. Working with Jaunty 1 MORI wrote, recorded, and released his first full length album, "Back From Before" which spawned the hit "Swaggin' Like Obama." The trauma and struggle's that he has been in has not stopped MORI from not only releasing the album, but performing and opening for numerous major artists and touring. In addition to his own work, MORI has ghost written and produced for numerous artists such as Charlie Baltimore, Ja Rule, Christina Milan, Cassie, Brooklyn Newz, Fat Dub, and most recently Ryan Leslie. It has been speculated many times that MORI was signed onto Leslie's label NextSelection, however no contract was ever signed. In the fall of 2009 MORI and Leslie had a falling out after two years of collaboration, and decided to go their separate ways. Days after the two separated, MORI was asked about the split and responded by saying simply, "Ryan never gave me the chance I deserved. I felt like two years were spent making him into the star and I faded into the backround. It wasn't where I wanted to be as an artist or producer. I think Ryan is very talented, but I cannot stand by and be unnoticed for my efforts and talent. That's just not the person I am." While MORI maintains that he has no negative feelings


Swaggin Like Obama-Single, Back From Before-Album, Crazy-Single

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