Moriarty is not only the name of the main character in the Jack Kerouac well know novel "On The Road". Moriarty is a band of 5 musicians: 4 brothers who play acoustic instruments and create a particular musical atmosphere for the deep and powerful voice of the diva.


A VOICE drunk on honey, a double bass, suitcase drums, acoustic and electric guitars and a harmonica. The music of Moriarty floats between folk, country, blues and cabaret set somewhere around Dallas in the 1930's, the Russian Taïga and Paris. An infectious melody is carried by the luminous Rosemary, supported by unsettling lyrics and oozing train-like beats. Moriarty, a Franco-American band, a neurotic puppy and four schizophrenic kittens trapped in an aircraft baggage hold. Shoulder dance and shivers down the spine. Formed in Paris as the century turned, Moriarty saw five young musicians adopt each other and write songs like novels or short movies. Their identities split between America and Europe, the members of Moriarty are guided by the surreal, believing in an animist fashion that some objects have a soul : a squeaking floorboard, a hotel bell, the rhythm produced when battering a well-traveled suitcase, a taxicab dispatch microphone, a whisk and other chance findings crawl into their songs. But this is also music for the joy of spontaneous story-telling, of spilling out lines that ease into the rehearsal room and then form into characters, adventures and nostalgia.


Gee Whiz but this is a Lonesome Town, 2007

Exclusive cover of "Enjoy The Silence" released on La Musique de Paris Dernière 6 (Naive, 2008)

Set List

01 Jimmy 04:24
02 Lovelinesse 02:30
03 Private Lily 03:53
04 Motel 03:10
05 Animals can't laugh 03:38
06 (…) 01:21
07 Cottonflower 05:04
08 Whiteman's ballad 04:34
09 Tagono-Ura 02:33
10 Fireday 03:13
11 Oshkosh Bend 03:58
12 Jaywalker 17:35