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"Perfect Dark Zero Snags MorissonPoe"

Perfect Dark Zero Snags MorissonPoe
Eclectic New York combo supplies two tracks to in-game soundtrack.
by IGN Music

November 22, 2005 - While the bulk of the Perfect Dark Zero in-game soundtrack comes courtesy of composer David Cylnick, he's given a helping hand by New York based eclectic rock combo MorissonPoe. The group, which consists of frontwoman Jean Morisson, bass and synth player DSPoe, drumer Nyk, and guitarist MopoMikey, and who describe their sound as being "CyberHardRockPunkPropagandaElectronic" wrote two songs expressly for the game.

"Glitter Girl (Evil Side)" is the lead-off track from the band and to celebrate the launch date for Xbox 360, MorissonPoe will world premiere their video for the song today, November 22, 2005 live in Times Square NYC on MTV's Jumbotron at 5:00pm EST! The second track the band wrote for the in-game soundtrack is entitled "Pearl Necklace." In addition to writing the tracks for the game, MorissonPoe have become the first band signed to Nile Rodgers' Sumthing Else label. The label, up to this point, has specialized in released videogame soundtracks. The band plans to release a CD in early 2006 and head out on tour shortly thereafter.

Jean Morisson, DSPoe, Nyk, MopoMikey

New York - IGN Music

"Nile Rodgers Sounds Out Times Square NYC"

Nile Rodgers Sounds Out Times Square

November 21, 2005 - Nile Rodgers is going to give Times Square a soundtrack. Starting tomorrow at 6 p.m. E.T., Rodgers and his record label, Sumthing Else Music Works (SEMW), will present the world premiere video for the song “Glitter Girl *Evil Side*,” the theme to the Microsoft ‘Perfect Dark Zero’ video game soundtrack, issued through SEMW. The song is performed by MorissonPoe, a Miami, Florida-based hard rock band discovered by Rodgers. The video will be shown on the big video screen in New York's Times Square starting at 6 p.m. There’s just one catch – the video board doesn’t have a sound

To circumvent that, Rodgers is using some guerrilla marketing tactics. He’s encouraging fans of the band to show up in a car or SUV with a self-described “kick-ass sound system” at 5 p.m. at 361 W. 52nd Street. From there, a convey of MorissonPoe fans will head toward Times Square and, hopefully, arrive with music blaring just as the video hits the screen. Anyone who shows up to participate in the stunt gets a free copy of “Perfect Dark Zero.”

“Hundreds of people are showing up in cars with booming sound systems,” Rodgers said to GGL on Monday. “We’re basically giving people the uncensored version of the soundtrack.” Although fans weren’t told of the event until yesterday, Rodgers said he’s already received word that people will be coming from as far away from New York as Virginia and South Carolina to participate. “I’ve heard from people who said they wished they could drive from Oregon,” Rodgers exclaimed. He added: “I promote (bands on his label) the way I promote myself. I got right to the people and do what I can to expose music to the people.” MorissonPoe was described as “an amazing hard rock band” by Rodgers. “They’re a power trio with a chick lead singer,” he said. “The difference between them and other power trios is that the others are usually led by a shredding guitar player – this band is lead by a shredding drummer, if you can believe that. It’s got that Terry Bozzio-Missing Persons kind of vibe, if you’re old enough to remember that band. They’re pretty hardcore.” Samples of the soundtrack are now available at the official soundtrack website If you can’t get to the event, MTV will be airing the video beginning today as part of its Xbox 360 rollout coverage. In addition to “Perfect Dark Zero,” Rodgers and SEMW have also done the soundtracks for “Halo 2,” “Sudeki” and “Kameo: Elements of Power.”

Posted by Bruce Haring - GGL

"MorissonPoe Premiere's "Glitter Girl" Perfect Dark Zero Music Video in Times Square NYC"

MorissonPoe Premieres "Glitter Girl" Perfect Dark Zero Music Video in Times Square, NYC

Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc., through its licensing relationship
with Microsoft Game Studios, proudly presents Perfect Dark Zero
Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack album has been released on
November 8th to U.S. retail outlets through Nile Rodgers' Sumthing
Else Music Works' label, the industry leader for licensing and
distributing videogame soundtracks.

The Perfect Dark Zero Soundtrack features original music
compositions and arrangements by David Clynick who is best known
for composing the cinematic music in the first Perfect Dark with Grant
Kirkhope. Clynick has combined epic sci-fi soundscapes with a
hypnotic, electronic dance feel that sets the pace and tone for one of
the most highly-anticipated Xbox 360 launch titles.

The progressive style of the game's surreal and melodic score is
complemented with two adrenaline-pumping tracks written exclusively
for Perfect Dark Zero by the sexy, cutting-edge band, MorissonPoe,
including the games opening sequence song "Glitter Girl (Evil Side)"
and an instrumental of "Pearl Necklace" for the ending credits.

To coincide with the launch date for Xbox 360, MorissonPoe, in
conjunction with Nile Rodgers/Sumthing Else, will world premiere
their video "Glitter Girl (Evil Side)" on November 22, 2005 live in
Times Square NYC on MTV's Jumbotron at 6:00pm EST.

In view of the successes of his game soundtrack releases on
Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc., which is a company he created as
an outlet for independent artists and unique musical projects, Nile
Rodgers has recently signed MorissonPoe, and is the first band he's
launched from the beginning.

MorissonPoe, as a band, encompasses exactly what Nile was going
for with Sumthing Else, given their electrifying live shows and their
previous independent accomplishments (i.e., charting on Myspace,
CMJ and extensive touring with acts like HIM, Kill Hannah, Mindless
Self Indulgence, The Outkast, My Chemical Romance and many
more). Also, be sure to check out their video soon to be on MTV.
To hear "Glitter Girl" from the Perfect Dark Zero soundtrack visit - Music4Games


2005 - "Glitter Girl: of The Tale, The Passion and The Rapture"

2006 - "Faster Comes the Train" - Something Else Musicworks


Feeling a bit camera shy


MORISSONPOE has created their own genre. Constantly pushing the envelope with everything from their music to their live performances, this is a band that defies any labels and is truly in a genre of one. MorissonPoe is realizing that one is not necessarily the loneliest number when it comes to taking that position and leading the way with it in revolutionizing the music scene as we know it today.

MorissonPoe’s journey as a revolutionary force started when four individuals came together with a common purpose: to make music with passion that was going to rock and surge through people’s souls. If one must define the band’s sound, it is best described as “CyberHardRockPunkPropagandaElectronicMindFuck with a twist.” Fans relate to songs of love, lust, confusion, and anger, outpouring from the band’s captivating female vocalist Jean Morisson who enslaves an audience with her sexy onstage magnetism and emotionally electric and dramatically charged voice. DSPoe mesmerizes as the band’s bass and synth extraordinaire. MoPoMikey takes the stage by storm with his piercing, hard-hitting guitar riffs. Nyk, as the band’s drummer, is the volcanic beating heart of MorissonPoe.

The band has shared stages with major touring acts like HIM, Kill Hannah, The Outkast, Sneaker Pimps, My Chemical Romance, and more, but the journey does not stop with killer live shows that keep MorissonPoe fans coming back, craving for more. The band has also had commercial success with their first nationally-distributed independent release, “Glitter Girl: of the Tale, the Passion, and the Rapture,” which had MorissonPoe getting radio airplay and charting on CMJ and Myspace. In fact, the band is consistently rating highly on the Myspace indie, alternative, rock, and electronica charts. Their massive internet presence has created a significant, united global fan base, showing that MorissonPoe’s message transcends and touches people worldwide, without boundaries. The band has also been reviewed in and interviewed by major publications, including the New York Times, New York Post, Rag Magazine, Redefine Magazine, and several online publications including AOL’s “Digital City.”

The band has been exploring new media--ways to reach their hungry audience: video games and television. As a result of MorissonPoe’s nature to be wildly independent and cutting-edge, Nile Rodgers has taken interest in the band and has signed them with Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc., his national record label. Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc., through a licensing relationship with Microsoft Game Studios, recently presented Xbox 360’s Perfect Dark Zero Original Soundtrack, on which MorissonPoe is featured. The game’s surreal and melodic score is nicely complemented by MorissonPoe’s original, adrenaline-pumping song additions. The video for “Glitter Girl: Evil Side,” one of the songs featured on the soundtrack, is currently being shown on MTV.

And the voyage continues... MorissonPoe unveils their newest CD, to be released January, 2006. Don’t let the revolution pass you by! Follow MorissonPoe as they lead us on a pilgrimage to the future of music that knows no limits! Find out more about the journey at or

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(646) 827-9159

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