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Love Is A Battlefield” #5 Most Requested on WSOU
“Glitter Girl Evil Side” Video in PreProduction
Performing “The Bamboozle - Asbury Park, NJ”
Performing “Int’ Body Art Expo - Columbus, OH”
Performing “Summerfest 2005”
CMJ Debut #182 (Issue 901)

:: Who is MorissonPoe? ::

Recognized for their groundbreaking blend of Electro-Alternative Rock, MorissonPoe is hovering underneath the radar with their critically acclaimed “Glitter Girl Evil Side” and a cover of the Pat Benatar classic “Love Is A Battlefield”.

Their debut album “Glitter Girl: of The Tale” debuted on CMJ at #182 (NMR Alert issue #901).

On stage, MorissonPoe unleashes a powerful mix of searing guitars, powerful grooves and an unrelenting female vocalist that will have you begging for more.

MorissonPoe has shared the stage with:
Mindless Self Indulgence, HIM, Kill Hannah, Sneaker Pimps

ORIGINS: MorissonPoe started in South Florida 2 1/2 years ago, and is now based out of New York, NY and Raleigh, NC. They launched Ethology Records July 2004 for their own release.

MorissonPoe is spelled:
One word, Capital “M” & “P”, 1 “R”, 2 “S”

The Official Website is:

Peak #1 on WSIA (2wk), WCVM (Debut)

Chapter1 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Every now and then we all take a chance, walk down that dark hallway, cross the street a little early, close our eyes as the rollercoaster takes us somewhere deep inside… just for the rush, the thrill, the magic and the sex of it all. We’ve all done it. Now imagine that feeling every time you lay back and slide your headphones on, or raise the intensity of your radio. Even if your imagination is out of sorts due to the monotonous caucus race of today’s musical endeavors, have no doubt, MorissonPoe is the reinvention, the Caterpillar and the White Rabbit that takes you “there”.

As many have traveled this excited road of possibilities, MorissonPoe, in their 2 1/2 year expedition, have found themselves in an impressive series of fortunate events, which led them to share their exhilarating and powerful stage performances with other modern music icons, such as Sneaker Pimps, Royston Langdon, HIM, Kill Hannah, Mindless Self Indulgence and many others, as well loyal support in radio, TV and a massive internet presence.

Sliding into definition, MorissonPoe’s significant global fan base is as united as their sound, and it’s apparent that the message transcends without boundaries or lines. MorissonPoe is touching people all over the world, with their electrifying and groundbreaking musical experience.

Chapter 2 – The Mad Tea Party

If you walked down a twisted street, faintly, in a black and white dream, the upside down red door would lead you straight to “the poet” (as she is described by her peers) Jean Morisson. With a voice that can sear into your bloodstream like your first love encounter, she is the enigmatic leader of this mad tea party and the painter of the word of MorissonPoe. Jean Morisson exemplifies never judging the book by its cover.

As it should be said, with any great woman, great men will walk alongside.

DSPoe, bass and synth extraordinaire, has a musical and instrumental approach all his own. Inspired by the world’s greats and set into motion by his innate ability to create, DSPoe’s musicality is only surpassed by his vision of the future of music, and his search for where vintage and the now collide.

Three letters hold the key to MorissonPoe’s consuming, driving and hypnotic rhythms. Nyk, the groove master, has spent his life studying and perfecting the essence of what will move you, undeniably. The thunder he creates is a force to be reckoned with, and not one you will soon forget.

What is thunder without lightning?

MopoMikey is the link to the rock and the mayhem that sets MorissonPoe’s sound on fire. Bringing to life the wall of sound that holds into play piercing, memorable riffs that burns like liquid metal. With fingers that contort to his command, MopoMikey is the reason guitars love to be played.

Chapter 3 - Painting the Roses Red

MorissonPoe’s love for music is a journey, and their determination and appreciation for what the past has laid before them is never ending. Said to want nothing less than world domination, MorissonPoe is certainly on the right path. In anticipation of their international release, “Glitter Girl: of The Tale, The Passion and The Rapture”, the future of MorissonPoe is decidedly so. If you’re curious to know, go further down the hole.


2004 - "Glitter Girl: of The Tale, The Passion and The Rapture"

Getting airplay across the US on College and Non-Commercial Radio.

Set List

Covers: Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield", Rage Against the Machine. Depending on whether they're headlining or opening, set length is approx. 30 mins to 1 1/2 hours. Songs: Glitter Girl, Love is A Battlefield, God Lies Still, Superstar, Peace, Pearl Necklace, Lies