Morning Drive

Morning Drive


We are a band that just like having fun at shows. Giving the crowd both laughter and excitement. We try and make everyone feel comfortable being there. We always get along and some would say that is a bad thing but its not.


We are from Corona, California and have been playing together since December 2004. We have recorded one cd and are now recording a new cd as we speak.Some of our influences are Switchfoot, Cartel, Just Surrender, and The Early November.


Ep/Demo we have is "The Closest Thing to Home"
It was the first recordings we had.

And Our New Ep That is coming out doesn't have a Title yet.

We have music on and

Set List

Our Set list usually is about 5-6 Songs and we use to do covers when we were a smaller band and needed people to come to our shows. Most people wont just come to a show if they have never heard of you. So we would do some covers for people to come check us out.