Morning Fuzz

Morning Fuzz

 New York City, New York, USA

This is fun, bouncy guitar pop, happily shading in the intersections of the Venn diagram where mainstream pop and alternative music meet.


A rock and roll band with melodic vocals, roaring guitars, solid bass, three-part vocal harmonies, and a human drummer in 2013?
That’s right, they still exist!

Welcome, Morning Fuzz.
Morning Fuzz is a rock quartet formed in 2009 in New York by front man, vocal/guitarist, Frank Fussa and childhood friend, bassist, Christopher Johanidesz.

Morning Fuzz is the phoenix born from the ashes of Frank and Chris’ previous band, Ultra High Frequency. After the release of well-received LP, an extensive U.S. tour, and stint in Los Angeles where UHF came to an end, Frank and Chris decided to return to their roots in New York to start a new project. Upon their return to the Big Apple, Frank and Chris concocted their own unique mash-up of alternative rock, catchy lyrics, and radio-friendly hooks, which became the formula for their new band, Morning Fuzz.

The Fuzz started off strong, releasing two critically acclaimed EP’s. Despite their initial success, the band was hindered by a plethora of drummer changes. Eventually, the band was graced with the presence of amazingly talented and versatile Italian drummer known as Marco Sulis. The band also acquired longtime friend, guitarist extraordinaire, Michael Cullari, who completed the band’s big, dual guitar sound.

In an era of “digital” music, Morning Fuzz seeks to stay true to meaning of Rock and Roll by using Fussa’s powerful songwriting, expansive vocal ranges and captivating guitar riffs that are authentic and pure.

Morning Fuzz has cemented their position in the music scene, playing various venues in N.Y.C. and throughout the East Coast. Over the years, Morning Fuzz has consistently electrified crowds and gained a solid reputation for putting on energy-infused live shows.

The guys take a classic approach with their music, tirelessly rehearsing and sweating their proverbial asses off to perfect their sound in a dingy Brooklyn basement.

Recently, the band finished recording their debut full-length album, Chasing Ghosts, at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, WA with renowned producer, Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.). The fruit of their labor is a ten-song masterpiece that will have listeners humming melodies, rocking out air drum fills, and singing the hooks in the shower.
Feast your ears on Chasing Ghosts, a fulfilling dosage of stand out, catchy Rock and Roll gracefully spoon-fed to you by your new pals, Frank, Chris, Marco and Mike…Morning Fuzz.

Make sure you leave room for seconds!


Morning Fuzz S/T EP 2009

Shadows In The Rearview EP 2011

Set List

We usually play anywhere from 6-8 songs depending on the amount of time they give us. Set includes, Got Down, Shortcuts, Rollercoaster, Descending Stage, Stevie, Lonely Phase, Sever The Range, Common Neighbors.