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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Morning Fuzz - Shadows In The Rearview - Review"

Morning Fuzz
Shadows In The Rearview EP
Written by: PP on 20/06/2011 21:40:28

Morning Fuzz are an indie rock trio from Brooklyn, New York, who released a brand new four-track EP called "Shadows In The Rearview" a couple of months ago. Given how the whole ordeal is done in just over fifteen minutes, I'll keep this review short as well, but you should definitely keep reading if mainstream pop rock / grandeur indie rock is something for you.

The first thing you'll notice about Morning Fuzz is their vocalist. Usually young bands like these feature a shaky vocalist, but this guy hits his notes pitch-perfect, even if he is a little shy to add his own identity to his vocals. Then you'll hear the mainstream indie rock opener "Sever The Range", which will immediately pull your thoughts towards bands like Coldplay and other pop rock bands that go for that light rock atmosphere with a spacious sound overall. The best track on the EP, however, is probably "Got Down", which has a light indie rock vibe and a playful tone, where I'm detecting a little bit of The Killers influence. It's a rather catchy track that could easily function as a single given its radio-ready standing of easily accessible pop rock.

overall "Shadows In The Rearview" EP is a surprisingly enjoyable and catchy indie rock piece that, in my opinion, sounds very much like a lot of the stuff you tend to hear on the radio. With the right connections this could have a chance for some airplay, too.

Download: Got Down
For the fans of: Coldplay, The Killers,
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Release date 05.04.2011
Self-Released -

"Album Review: Morning Fuzz - Shadows In The Rearview"

Brooklyn-based trio Morning Fuzz effortlessly showcase their musical talent through their second EP Shadows In The Rearview. Despite being a short release, a mere four songs, this EP is still filled with 90s influenced riffs, strong vocals and solid drum work showing their tight rock roots from start to finish.

“Sever The Range” opens with a basic yet effective melodic riff, backed up by confident drum beats. The rough vocals by main man Frank Fussa fit in perfectly alongside the songs laid back tempo, whilst the chorus helps to switch things up a little with the repetitive line ‘You can help help help me/or fly away’.

The second track, “Shortcuts” happens to be my personal favorite off of the EP. No time is wasted as we jump straight into the first verse accompanied by simple strums creating a light, fast-paced melody which remains a prominent feature throughout the rest of the track. As the second verse begins the dynamics change and the beats kick in full force. Lyrically, this song is well developed and overall it is a definite strong track that oozes potential.

Next up is “Got Down”, which appears to be the strongest track on the EP. Its pop-rock nature makes way for chugging riffs, powerful beats and empowering vocals. Not to mention a memorable sing-along chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. This song sounds build and ready for major radio airplay, which is something, I’m sure it could achieve somewhat easily.

Closing the album is happy go-lucky track, “Stevie”. Ending the album on a high “Stevie” continues to keeping the album in a positive and familiar upbeat stride with sweet-sounding riffs and a promising vocal performance making for a bittersweet ending to an impressive release.

Despite the lack of overall content, these four songs have no problems conveying the ability and talent that the members of Morning Fuzz hold. A captivating EP from start to finish this release does not possess a dull or lifeless track, and is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Record Label: Unsigned
Recommended Tracks: “Shortcuts” / “Got Down”
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For more information on Morning Fuzz visit their Facebook and MySpace.
You can also send a tweet their way by tweeting @Morning_Fuzz. - Bekka Collins (

"Morning Fuzz Spreads the Word and Shoots for Modern Rock Success"

One of the newest bands to enter the world of modern rock is New York's own Morning Fuzz. The band has released their debut disc, a five song ep that in some ways may remind you of early 90's modern rock. The
Frank Fussa
Date of Interview: August 25, 2009
band tempers an indie rock feel with bursts of energy, tough sounding melodies and colorful, introspective lyrics. Frontman, Frank Fussa (I dare you to say that three times fast) brought me up to speed recently on his new band and how they hope they can spread the "fuzz".

Associated Content: Frank, how long has Morning Fuzz been together?

Frank Fussa: We have been together for a little over a year now, since last spring.

AC: Talk to me about the recording of your ep. What was that like?

FF: The recording took about 5-6 months because of our work schedules. We would be back and forth recording a few hour sessions at a time because we were working on basicaly no budget. We recorded it with our friend Jason Marcus who has worked with my old band Ultra High Frequency. Then we sent it out to Seattle to get mixed by Barrett Jones (best known for his work with Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Fall of Troy) who also worked with my old band on our last recording.

AC: What would you say are your main influences as a songwriter?

FF: I'd say my biggest influences are the bands I loved growing up, mostly in the 90's alternative period of music. Everytime I hear music from that time, it brings back these really good vibes that do not exist anymore in the current music that is out. Now you really have to dig through all the garbage that is coming out for any kind of inspiration!!

AC: Your band is based in Brooklyn correct? If so, tell me about the vibrant music scene there and how Morning Fuzz has become a part to of it.
FF: Chris (the bass player) and I are living in Brooklyn, but I'd say we are more based in Long Island. Thats where our rehearsal space is and thats where we grew up. There are so many bands in Brooklyn and
Frank Fussa
Date of Interview: August 25, 2009
Manhattan and they are part of the Electronic scene, so its hard for us to fit in around here. Its hard to get attention as a 3 piece rock band, ya know? It will be our turn to play at a show and people will see that we aren't dressed up in a glorified Halloween costume and that we don't have a computer on stage and they will all bounce out of the club quickly!! HA!!!

AC: You seem to paint many interesting pictures with your lyrics. What inspires you lyrically?

FF: Hmm -- Whatever I'm feeling at the time when I pick up my guitar, basicaly inspires me to write. Just every day things like my surroundings, people, going to different places and seeing certain things, etc. I like going to the beach when there is no one there, even in the winter when it's all gray out -- the sounds of the ocean -- that can inspire me a lot.

AC: What's the plan now that the disc is out? Are you looking to jump on an indie label?

FF: Now that the EP is finally done and going to be released on itunes, our goal is to keep working on our home fan Base in NY. We will also tour as much as we can and branch out as much as possible and keep going back so the vibe keeps growing in all the areas. Hopefully we will branch out of the US also and just spread the Fuzz hard around the world. I have a bunch of songs written and we have been working on them so we can hopefully record again soon and put out another record by next year. Ya gotta keep em coming! As far as labels and music industry goes, It looks really bleek. We have been doing all of the work ourselves, busting our asses to fund everything, booking shows and tours, mailing out cds to reviewers and radio stations, etc...If a label reaches out and wants to help us in a good way, then we will totally consider it.

If you are on the east coast, check out Morning Fuzz and be prepared to take a closer look at what the "fuzz" is all about.
- David Carr

"CD Review: Morning Fuzz - "Shadows In The Rearview""

Morning Fuzz’s Shadows in the Rearview is an EP full of sounds that come across more down home Middle America than New York City, but where the band calls their home holds no bearing since these songs would still be very good regardless of where they were penned. Shadows in the Rearview, though a tremendously small sampling at just a four song clip, is assured indie rock that’s both polished and pristine, full of lush vocals nestled between layers of vibrant, animated guitars, backed by steady, confident drum work.

It should be known that when you embark on Shadows in the Rearview, while it won’t be an endured experience, you will find nary a song unworthy of your time. “Sever the Range” opens the EP with aplomb, encapsulating Morning Fuzz’s sound in the course of one song. “Shortcuts” follows, showing that the band can playfully bounce while remaining endearing and engaging, though it’s the ensuing cut, “Got Down,” that might just be where Shadows in the Rearview is at its strongest, a song that could probably garner play on Top 40 stations if it were sent to radio tomorrow.

At times, Shadows in the Rearview sounds culled from influences of decades past, namely the 1960’s, at other times the EP sounds plucked straight from somewhere in the earlier-90’s, but no matter what point you find yourself at throughout Shadows in the Rearview, at no time will it be not enjoyable.

Grade: B+

Go Download: “Got Down"
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- Brian Campbell (

"Review: Morning Fuzz "Shadows In The Rearview""

As with many parents, my father has a tendency to get details about my life and interests slightly muddled up. As with many sons and daughters, I have difficulty telling when he’s genuinely confused or attempting a joke.

To this day, I’m not sure whether it was a poor memory or an attempt at humour which prompted him to explain a few years back that one of my favourite bands at the time was Shed Club Seven.

It’s an interesting idea. Maybe we could also have the Rolling Stone Roses, The Big Pink Floyd or TV on the Radiohead. Please text any other band fusion ideas to…any mobile number of your choosing.

But then, there is something in my dad’s unwitting merging of teenybopper pop and 90s indie. Fans of alternative music, be it thumping metal through to morose bedsit singer/songwriter noodlings tend to cast derogatory sneers towards their younger brothers and sisters listening with sheep-like devotion to Moyles and Cotton on Radio 1.

And much of the time they - I mean we - are right to do so. But a little bit of bubblegum pop never hurt anyone and occasionally, just occasionally, something will happen in that mainstream world of luminous pink and sugariness that will make even devotees of 6Music, Xfm or Absolute sit up and take note. And sometimes, just sometimes, the two worlds will collide.

So it is with Morning Fuzz who find themselves at the poppy end of the indie spectrum. Their four track EP, Shadows in the Rearview is a collection of light indie songs informed by the sounds of 80s U2 (there’s much of Bono’s impassioned back of the throat straining in “Sever the Range”) through to Maxïmo Park via any number of mid to late 90s indie acts.

And yet the influence of pop is never far away. “Stevie” could easily be Everything Must Go era Manic Street Preachers covering a recent Take That track (now, there’s a bizarre thought). That’s the soundtrack for the next Morrisons advert taken care of then. It’s an upbeat, bright, breezy and catchy collection of radio friendly tunes. Well, they might have to bleep out the word “bullshit” when Scott Mills or Chris Evans play it, but you get what I mean. As the lyrics of “Stevie” themselves admit: “you can hum along”. Indeed you can.

The lyrics cover common themes found in both pop and indie: overcoming strife and looking to the future. Isn’t that what “Reach for the Stars” and “The Greatest Day” were all about? There’s plenty of references to weather throughout the lyrics with “I can’t stop the rain and I can’t calm the sun” in “Short Cuts” and “the thunder clouds are roaring/there is a storm inside of me” in “Got Down” which illustrate the themes.

There’s also the oft repeated references to shadows, stars and looking into the distance. But there’s also some more interesting imagery in there like “We’re dangling cocoons” in “Sever the Range” and “We’re coasting on ethanol” in “Short Cuts”. It’s a shame there aren’t more chemistry themed lyrics in music.

This is fun, bouncy guitar pop, happily shading in the intersections of the Venn diagram where mainstream pop and alternative music meet. It’ll never set the world alight, but it may raise a smile or two to get you on your way.

20/04/11 - Stephen Morris (

"Up and Coming Indie Artist: Morning Fuzz"

I have to start out by saying that Frank Fussa, vocals and guitar, sent me one of the best emails I’ve ever received, full of wit and attention to detail. It’s not often I think of a Yankee as “charming”, but he won me over. At least enough to give Morning Fuzz a spin on the old iPod.

Shadows in the Rearview is the four-song EP from this Brooklyn up and coming band. A dissection of these four songs:

Song 1: “Sever the Range”- Powerful opening and then drives straight into something reminiscent of Collective Soul. Personally I couldn’t stop myself from dancing around a little bit. They won me over with this upbeat little number.

Song 2: “Shortcuts”- You know, sometimes it’s nice when a song just freakin’ starts. I get so very sick of three minute song intros. This pleasant, happy little tune moves straight to the goods. Literally one second in and “Ka-pow!”, Frank begins to croon. Okay not really croon, but he does have a nice voice. It was a bit smokier in the preceeding song, so I’m glad to hear he can mix it up a bit. Also, kudos to drummer Joel Frost, I’m totally tapping my foot along with you right now.

Song 3: “Got Down”- Almost has a ska feel, almost. No horns or anything, just rockin’ the counter beat. The chorus is so fun and (again) upbeat. So sue me, I enjoy music that makes me happy. “Got Down” has more of that really catchy guitar and Chris Johanidesz is really giving that bass a workout and does a great job backing up Fussa with vocals. This song needs to be on the radio. I think a lot of people would really enjoy it.

Song 4: “Stevie”- Can I say “catchy”, “up beat”, and “happy” a few more times? Oh, and they surprise us with a little horn action in this one. Very nice sirs. I don’t know who Stevie is, but I really enjoyed the rock-pop song with his name.

To wrap it all up in a nice neat little package, I’m going to have to say that this short but sweet album is going in my “God I’m in an awesome mood, the sun is shining, roll down the windows and sing off key” playlist.

Agree or disagree, it’s all gravy baby!

P.S. A big, hardy THANK YOU to Morning Fuzz for including a file with the lyrics. That was definitely the sprinkles on the metaphorical cupcake that you sent me. - Lindsey Pickett (


Morning Fuzz S/T EP 2009

Shadows In The Rearview EP 2011



A rock and roll band with melodic vocals, roaring guitars, solid bass, three-part vocal harmonies, and a human drummer in 2013?
That’s right, they still exist!

Welcome, Morning Fuzz.
Morning Fuzz is a rock quartet formed in 2009 in New York by front man, vocal/guitarist, Frank Fussa and childhood friend, bassist, Christopher Johanidesz.

Morning Fuzz is the phoenix born from the ashes of Frank and Chris’ previous band, Ultra High Frequency. After the release of well-received LP, an extensive U.S. tour, and stint in Los Angeles where UHF came to an end, Frank and Chris decided to return to their roots in New York to start a new project. Upon their return to the Big Apple, Frank and Chris concocted their own unique mash-up of alternative rock, catchy lyrics, and radio-friendly hooks, which became the formula for their new band, Morning Fuzz.

The Fuzz started off strong, releasing two critically acclaimed EP’s. Despite their initial success, the band was hindered by a plethora of drummer changes. Eventually, the band was graced with the presence of amazingly talented and versatile Italian drummer known as Marco Sulis. The band also acquired longtime friend, guitarist extraordinaire, Michael Cullari, who completed the band’s big, dual guitar sound.

In an era of “digital” music, Morning Fuzz seeks to stay true to meaning of Rock and Roll by using Fussa’s powerful songwriting, expansive vocal ranges and captivating guitar riffs that are authentic and pure.

Morning Fuzz has cemented their position in the music scene, playing various venues in N.Y.C. and throughout the East Coast. Over the years, Morning Fuzz has consistently electrified crowds and gained a solid reputation for putting on energy-infused live shows.

The guys take a classic approach with their music, tirelessly rehearsing and sweating their proverbial asses off to perfect their sound in a dingy Brooklyn basement.

Recently, the band finished recording their debut full-length album, Chasing Ghosts, at Laundry Room Studio in Seattle, WA with renowned producer, Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.). The fruit of their labor is a ten-song masterpiece that will have listeners humming melodies, rocking out air drum fills, and singing the hooks in the shower.
Feast your ears on Chasing Ghosts, a fulfilling dosage of stand out, catchy Rock and Roll gracefully spoon-fed to you by your new pals, Frank, Chris, Marco and Mike…Morning Fuzz.

Make sure you leave room for seconds!