Morning Maniac Music

Morning Maniac Music

 Prague, HlavnĂ­ Mesto Praha, CZE

Morning Maniac Music is young rock band from Prague, Czech Republic. Their name is inspired by the Grace Slick's introduction for Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock. Morning Maniac Music plays a mix of 60's music, from rock and blues to folk and psychedelic.


The roots of the band reach back to 2008, when Hanz and Honza start to compose their own music together. Since then the formation changed couple of times and so did gradually the music style and their instrument skills.

The May 2010 should be considered the true birth of the band, when Honza brought his sister, lead vocalist Gabca to the band. Alice started to play drums but in summer she leaves and she is replaced by Filip.

They recorded an EP Blue Morning durind the 2011's summer holiday and maneged to play over 40 gigs throught the year.


2011 - EP Blue Morning
(available for free at