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Eddy Robinson, for the purpose of his family and friends, established MorningStar River in Toronto five years ago. The group's roots go back to the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Toronto, which in no way prevented them from learning their culture. MorningStar River believes in their culture dearly and tries to live that life to the fullest of their potential.
MorningStar River has been through a lot of struggles individually and collectively. Yet they still remain focused on their life's ambition, singing. Northern style or more popularly referred to as; Oldstyle has been the preferred singing style of MorningStar River. Getting back to the heart of singing seems to be an aspiration of the group.
Learning to sing in the city has been a struggle in itself. Drawing inspiration from limited resources, which are now vast. Listening to Pow wow tapes from the library and learning from the few teachers that were around, MorningStar River was determined to learn how to sing.
Over the years the members of MorningStar River became a part of the Pow Wow community at large, singing with various groups and traveling throughout North America.
Eddy Robinson shares his thoughts of singing "I have learned a lot singing with different drum groups, that's where I draw my experience from. I feel a part of a community no one really sees, a singing community. I have friends I look forward to visiting with at Pow Wows. It's such a natural high sitting with a bunch of close friends and having a good jam session. Singing has taken me places I have would have not gone otherwise; it introduced me to my cultural and I will have that for a lifetime."