Morose Ghost

Morose Ghost


Singer/songwriting of a non-traditional experimental sort, dodging genre classification, focusing on storytelling, and relying on an adoration for pop.


Morose Ghost started as a project for North Carolinian Jesse Latham to amuse himself musically. It resulted in the album Life is Good, an experimental chamber-pop storybook boasting an ironically gloomy title in relation to its lyrical core which weaves a grim fairytale based in tragedy. Recorded predominantly on a four-track, the record resembles an intimate personal account confessed by Latham and upon its release, subsequently amused an audience larger than himself. A writer and multi-instrumentalist, Latham succeeds in creating both interesting sonic atmospheres and detailed character pieces. Morose Ghost expanded with the addition of percussionist/programmer John Bowman and are currently in between labels while they record the follow-up, “an aural extravaganza about bipolarity and monsters.”


October 31, 2006 - Life is Good. (Rabid English)

Set List

40 mins.

Imitation of Life
Afterwhile Crocodile
Talking Ducks
The Holiest War
Faking Your Death
Sad Sister of the Missing Girl
Spirit of the Beehive