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Angel on your shoulder

Written By: Marc Hannes

you 've only just begun
you're only at the start
I wish you all good luck
from the bottom of my heart
you'll always be my girl
my sweet little girl
no matter what you will do
or how things might unfurl
may this angel on your shoulder
always walk with you
to guide you trough the darkness
to make your dreams come true

seems like yesterday
you were sitting on my lap
eager to grow up
eager to take the next step
hope you will find wisdom
serenity and strength
and if you're very lucky
two or three real friends
may this angel on your shoulder
always be around
to guide you through the fire
keep them feet on the ground

can you hear the seagulls
they're singing way up high
I hope you're just as ready
to conquer the sky
and may you ever get
lost in the waves of time
come and find yourself
in this heart of mine
may this angel on your shoulder
always light your path
from your first river days
to your estuary bed

Fake heroes

Written By: Marc Hannes

don't you go leaving us now
don't you go leaving us now
oh I know the wonderful promise that comes
with every love new found
but once the feeling is over
you will hit the ground
and all the fake heroes
they love you when you're big in town
but sooner or later
they will let you down

driven by the same rage
but never ever on the same page
snow in Chicago
moon over Cincinnati
too heavy the cargo
too little room for me
so many places I've missed
can't get them out of my mind
so many things on my list
and so little time

bounded by one desire
but never ever on the same wire
can't remember the last time
you took my temperature
well now it has crossed a line
and I'm dying for a cure
I can hear the rain fall
you tell me this is just a phase
but suffocated by these walls
I gotta get to open space

I often wondered
must we always disagree
but you never listened
really listened to me
driven by the same rage
never on the same page
bounded by one desire
never on the same wire
you never listened
never really listened to me
and now it's too late
I got to set myself free