Morphic Dream

Morphic Dream

 Seattle, Washington, USA

"Want to travel without moving? Listen to these songs and feel a huge stream of creativity take you to a colorful, powerful and welcoming kingdom." Oscar Ribbeck (Lima, Peru)

"Simultaneously edgy and sweetly capricious. Music that keeps you guessing at every turn". Nancy Latetia-Marin (Singer/Songwriter)

" that transforms my soul and takes me to the very elements of creation; I can feel the earth, water and stars when I listen." Marilyn Jones


Jessa Young was born in Salt Lake CIty, UT in a large family of musicians and studied folk, jazz and classical music while blossoming in the foothills of the mountains in Cache Valley, UT. She graduated from USU with a BA in music, and attended the Aspen Music Festival and School for 3 summers to study composition and orchestration with Michael Cjakowski (Juillard; NY, NY). Shortly thereafter, she moved to Aspen, CO and began her music careers as a singer-songwriter and music teacher in the mountains near Aspen, CO. Spending over a decade at 8,000 feet high in the Rockies was inspiration enough to begin creating the genre-defying songs full of lyrical beauty, raw power, metaphor and mystery that Young is known for. While in CO Young toured regionally with Kendra Carpenter (cellist), Bill McGreevey (drummer) Steve Cook (drummer, bassist) featuring songs from her first release, Orange Roses (2007). Her music has been aired on regional and national radio, and her song, Dream Of Peace was featured recently on Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman. (NY, NY) She has collaborated with award-winning film-makers and been featured on regional television.

In 2009 Young moved to Seattle, WA to further her music career. She formed an electronica project called Prismalodic (Jessa Young, Geoffrey Cleaver, Ilya Makedon) and signed with a Seattle-based electronica international inde label (Asnazzy Productions). Her work was featured on three best-selling Amazon compilation CD's in 2010 and 2011.

Morphic Dream, an electro-acoustic project Young formed in January of 2012 will be releasing it's first CD, Earthquakes and Butterflies in the Fall of 2013. It features her stunning vocals, flawless acoustic piano, tantalizing beats and quirky orchestration and the brilliant guitar arrangements of Shane Scot (Seattle, WA), powerful acoustic drumbeats of Steve Cook (Aspen, CO) and passion driven cello melodies of Kendra Carpenter. (Portland, OR) The result is a genre-defying blend of pop-rock, electronica, folk and classical minimalism that will surely send your imagination soaring.

Morphic Dream's first Northwest/Southwest tour starts in June 2013; shows are scheduled in the greater Seattle area and will stretch as far as the California Coast, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico in Summer and Fall of 2013. Young will be primarily performing songs from Earthquakes and Butterflies and gaining support and exposure for her new project.


Raining Rainbows (Earthquakes and Butterflies)

Written By: Jessa Young/February 2013

It's raining rainbows instead of rain.
That's what he said, that's what he said.

It's rainin' rainbows here today.
That's what he said, that's what he said.

I see you there, up in the air up on a rainbow.
Not with my eyes, not with my ears but with my heart.

Look into my eyes, they are dark.
Like the shadows in my heart.
They say a real wish never dies.
Look, it's shining in my eyes.

I see you in a rainbow.
I see you in a rainbow.
I see you in a rainbow.
I see you in every rainbow.

Apple and Eve

Written By: Jessa Young

Apple and Eve,
the poison ran deep.
With every bite she came
closer to dying.

Adam was blind
to what he might find
if he took a bite.
from the apple.

So Eve ran away
deep into the forest.
And Adam, he stayed
with the snake
and tried to find himself.

But Adam was swift
and he was strong.
He caught up with Eve
afore too long. He said,
"where is that apple? I want a bite."
I must die to my love to find my life.

And Eve said, "Adam I love you
more than I can say. You will
die to your love, and
be with me today".


Earthquakes and Butterflies-(release date TBA; Fall 2013)

Set List

apple and eve
yellow daffodils
lady of the lake
reel time
china rain
all about you
buddha in the sky
phoenix rising
vibrational medecine 1
money tree
beautiful ghost
crack of doom
merry go round
worry free
orange roses
once upon the green
touch me
dream of peace