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Morrikel @ Captain Mike's

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Morrikel @ Rock the Block

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Morrikel @ Captain Mikes

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Fans of the original rock music emphasizing ear-candy harmonies are in for a treat when they drop in on a show featuring Firebutter, a Kenosha band that recently debuted in local clubs.
The group features three lead vocalists-essentially three frontmen-who alternate lead singing duties and create sweet harmonies not unlike Crosby , Stills , and Nash.
Glenn Morrison, Evan Priday and Keith Minikel met at a Briese's Brew open-mike session last February.
Said Priday "I said we should start a band together if we weren't both front-ment and he said "so what if we are?"
That happened when Priday and Morrison hooked up with aMinikel during an open-mike night at TG's Restarant and Tavern a few months later.
"We got our buddy Joe Mendoza to play drums, and everything fell into place very nicely," said Morrison.
The group plays every other Thursday night at TG's in an acoustic mode, and has plugged in shows at area nightspots on weekends.
They also play acoustically at other clubs in different configurations.
Priday conceived the Firebutter moniker.
These days, the trio collaborates on songs.
"It all works together" Priday said. "we've taken some of Glenn's songs and filled them out with bigger movements and chord changes. We've taken some of my songs in different directions too. That's the whole point of collaborating with other band members and getting that feedback from them".

- Bill Robbins,

I'm never quite sure what you folks think about my articles. (Paddy Fineran)Believe me, music people as a general rule can be very opinionated about what they like and dislike with regards to music.. That's why it was gratifying when I was at a Thoughts for Food steering committee meeting last weekend and conversation came up about local musicians Firebutter. I've been pegging these cats for a while now and all of a sudden I had a club owner, a sound tech and a musician/open mike host all singing the praises. Basically it boils down to great songs, great harmonies and a great future for Glenn, Evan, Keith and Joe. See for yourself what all the buzz is about this weekend. Glenn and Keith perform an acoustic show tonight at the Rendezvous, 1700 52nd Street and are joined by Evan and Joe Dec 16 at Captain Mike's, 5118 6th Avenue. - Kenosha News-12/15/2006

When I order Chinese food at a certain restaurant the owner laughs and asks it I want it "Holy Hot". Well, of course I do. I'm not positive why I think of that woman's sly laugh when I hear the name Firebutter. Maybe it's because Glenn and Evan and Keith and Joe are becoming one of the hottest acts in town. Maybe its because the sound is hot. Maybe you should hear for yourself. Firebutter performs tonight at Screamin' Mimi's 2717 60th Street and Sat at the Frolic Bar & Grill, 2618 Washington Road. - Kenosha News 10/20/2006

One of the most versatile acts around these days is Firebutter. A wide range of styles and talent to burn (too bad you can't use that to keep you warm) make for a very successful partnership between band founders Keith Minikel and Glenn Morrison. The two are having a CD Release Party tonight (Feb 9) at the Rendezvous, 1700 W. 52nd St. According to Minikel, they spent three months in the studio working on their baby, and it's substantially superior to their last project. As usual, super harmonies are at the heart of the 15 tracks. Everything on "Hope for Tomorrow" was written by the duo, with Minikel penning three songs and Morrison contributing 10, and the two of them co-writing the other two. According to Minikel, the feel of the recording is definitely acoustic with occasional electric guitar leads, some percussion and some strange tunings to keep everything interesting. Here's hoping your release is going well. - Kenosha News 2/9/2007

A quick scan of the website ( shows the Rhythm dogs, 89 Mojo, the MAHP, Sid Simo, Matt Specht, Noah Lekas and the Revival, Glenn Morrison Jr. and Keith Minikel ( of Firebutter), Tamara Pierce, the Jill Plaisted Band, Five Nickel High, Lyden Moon, Norm Pratt, Jon " Elvis" Van Thiel, and the Pat Crawford Jazz Band are all slated to perform. - Kenosha News 3/2/07 Paddy Fineran


We released our first CD last September. It is called "Are You Ready for This." We released a new acoustic CD on Febuary 9th called "Hope for Tomorrow." We are beginning work on our third CD June 15th, 2007.



Morrikel plays original music from all three songwriting members, and sings harmonies on songs that are all clearly identifiable. We play 50 or more original songs per night 2-4 times a week in the Kenosha area. Our influences are quite diverse ranging from Incubus to the Eagles to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin to the Beatles, musically, and mostly LIFE.We do double lead guitar solos and frequently bring the crowd to applause before we get to finish songs. Glenn is such a prolific songwriter that he can write a song as the show goes on from 5 or more words given from the crowd. This amazing section of our show is called the Game, and when you see it you will be quite entertained and impressed.
We met at open jams in the Kenosha area and have been playing live as Firebutter, then Morrikel for nearly 2 years.