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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Rock Pop


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Morrison @ Bougainvillea's

South Miami, Florida, United States

South Miami, Florida, United States

Morrison @ The Barnacle Historic State Park

Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States

Morrison @ SAND Bar+Kitchen

Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States



Singer-songwriter Megan Morrison has played in her fair share of local bands, including Dorothy's Surrender and Revolver, but in 2019, she stepped out into a new genre all on her own. The first hint she was headed in a new direction came in March, when Morrison released "Warrior Woman," a collaboration with beatmaker Miichii. Just a few days later came her solo track "9 Lives," on which the operatic vocalist keeps her vocals midrange to sing about overcoming dark periods in her life. "Now that I'm living peacefully/No one can take that away from me," Morrison sings as her voice floats stoically above the beat. She could be singing about the past substance abuse she's been open about in interviews. Or perhaps she's singing about overcoming the fear of navigating the ups and downs of the music business as an independent artist. No matter the inspiration, Megan Morrison is crafting songs almost anyone can relate to. - Miami New Times

What a beautiful song. Morrison has a unique voice, that sounds as beautiful in the high reaches as in the lower reaches, and when she slides the note on the word “trouble”, a chill goes down my spine. Backed up with bandmates. Tony Alarcon, Jian Beckford, and Sean Bauzy, Morrison does have this bad cat feline vibe going on. Definitely not your tameable house cat, which is great. I was thinking that, reading about her Broadway experience makes so much sense, because Morrison knows how to sing. Many try to be divas, but few really have the pipes. Her moves, her voice, her style, her lyrics, she is the embodiment of Bastet. And as a cat, this singer will always land on all fours. - Audio Fuzz

How about some electro-rock for you on this fine afternoon? Allow us to get you more familiar with Megan Morrison, or as she goes by professionally, Morrison, via our exclusive premiere of her new video for “9 Lives.” The “9 Lives” single, which you can purchase or stream now via services such as iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora, comes from Morrison’s debut solo record, Appetite For Freedom, due out this summer. The introspective “9 Lives” is a song that offers listeners’ a glimpse into the singer’s tumultuous past, and some of the inner turmoil that she has valiantly overcome.

Regarding the new single, Morrison had the following to say: “Life is beautiful, but it can also be very painful. ‘9 Lives’ is about finding that beauty through the suffering and turning it into something extraordinary. I had visions in my head for this video, pretty much right after I wrote the song. I didn’t know how or where we were going to shoot it, but I knew what it needed to look like. I found a great stage to shoot part of it on and the rest was shot in my back yard and on a little road right next to my house. It took a lot of creative effort and imagination to put everything together, but we created something hauntingly beautiful.”

Born in Maine and raised in nearby Massachusetts, Morrison was born to be a performer. She’s not only a musician, but she also is a highly talented actor and model. Megan, as she was known then, began to show her vocal abilities in her teenage years, performing regularly in high school and college musicals. This interest in music led her to study classical vocal performance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst before transferring to New York City’s Hunter College which precipitated her pursuit of a Broadway musical theatre career. Never one to rest on her laurels, Megan also began singing in rock and punk bands in her spare time which helped guide her towards what she truly wanted to do.

Upon moving south to Miami, Megan joined her first rock band, Dorothy’s Surrender who released their debut EP Late Bloomer in 2012. That group disbanded three years later which led to a stint in folk rock band Revlover who recorded a nine-track debut that was never released. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that Megan really started to focus on her solo career. As a recovering alcoholic, the singer’s songwriting has helped her redirect her emotions and experience into something productive and positive. With such experience, talent and Appetite For Freedom on its way soon, nothing is going to hold back Megan Morrison from reaching her goals, no matter how grand they may be. - Pure Grain Audio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Megan Morrison.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started singing at a very young age. Music has always been a part of my life. I sang my first solo in church when I was four years old. They let me sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”! I started singing in choirs and taking voice lessons when I was young. When I was in high school, I became more serious about music and got involved in singing competitions like All-State, where I placed very high. It was then that I really took an interest in musical theater. I decided to go to college for music and studied classical voice performance at the University of Massachusetts and Hunter College in NYC. When I moved to NY, I started auditioning for Broadway and off-Broadway shows. It was then that I started singing in rock bands and found my true calling.

Throughout the years, I started to struggle with alcohol addiction. This went untreated for a long time and I really suffered from it until about four years ago when I decided to get sober. This was the best decision I ever made. I am grateful for everything I’ve been through because it has made me who I am. I have really found my true self over the past few years. My goal now is to reach out to others with my music. No matter what someone may be dealing with, I want them to know that it is ok and they are not alone.

I moved to Miami in 2009 and that’s when I started to take my music career very serious. I recorded my first EP, Late Bloomer, with my band ‘Dorothy’s Surrender’ and released a music video for our single ‘Dirty Stayout’. This EP reflected on my crazy years in NYC. After the band decided to part ways I joined the folk-rock band ‘Revlover’, created by the well-known pastor and dear friend Pedro Garcia. We only released two singles, but being in this band had a big impact on me. It was part of my journey of finding out who I wanted to be as a musician.

Now, I have my solo project ‘MORRISON’ and I’m feeling so good about where I am musically. I have released two singles, ‘9 Lives’ and ‘Heart on Fire’, off my upcoming album ‘Appetite for Freedom’. I released the video for ‘Heart on Fire’ in December and will be releasing ‘9 Lives’ in a few weeks! The songs I’m writing now tell my story and also spread hope. I am trying to create a tribe of people who care about themselves and the well being of others. There are so many selfish people in the world, and a lot of them are really just hurting on the inside. I’m trying to bring light and hope to people in times that can be discouraging and dark. I want people around the world to be able to feel good about themselves and love one another. We need to start lifting each other up.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It has definitely not been a smooth road for me but it has been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t change a thing about. As I mentioned before, I struggled with alcoholism for a lot of my life. I dealt with a lot of fear and anxiety from a young age and when I found alcohol it appeared that I had found the solution. Over the years, I realized that this was not the case. Alcohol was only making everything worse, but I was too deep in my addiction to have any control over stopping it. I lost my dad in 2010 to liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol addiction. This was a real wake-up call for me. I knew I needed to make a change. It wasn’t until five years later when I had the beginning stages of liver failure myself that I was finally able to get help and turn my life around. In the past four years that I have been sober, I have been on a new journey to self-discovery and appreciation. I’ve learned how to love myself and manage my fear and anxiety. Learning how to do this is so important for young women.

Any advice for other women, particularly young women who are just starting their journey?
My advice to women is to learn how to love yourselves and appreciate yourselves for who you are. We are all so different and amazing. When we compare ourselves to each other it puts so much pressure on us and makes us blind to the individual assets we possess. Find the strength and courage to be your true self.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about MORRISON – what should we know?
I am a classically trained singer who has also performed in a lot of musical theater. Now my focus is on rock music, however, I recently decided to experiment with electronic music and released a single titled ‘Warrior Woman’. This track was inspired by a tragic fire that caused my cousin and her daughter to lose everything and have to rebuild from the ground up. It got me thinking about all the strong women around the world and what they’ve had to endure over the years. I wanted to write a song that could be appreciated by women (and men) across the globe. This song has a universal sound and message. This is the first electronic song that I’ve released and I’m very proud that it made it to the top 100 on Beatport’s Electronica/Downtempo chart.

For my rock music, I go by ‘MORRISON’ and for my electronic music I go by ‘Megan Morrison.’

With both artist names, I am trying to write songs that speak the truth. I want to bring people together with my music and spread a message of love and hope. That’s why I speak so openly about my struggles. If I can help just one person with my message then I will feel like I’ve truly done something good in this life.

So much of the media coverage is focused on the challenges facing women today, but what about the opportunities? Do you feel there are any opportunities that women are particularly well positioned for?
There are so many more opportunities for women now then there were for our mother’s generations. Our rights are becoming more equal, but we still have a long way to go. I feel like women’s rights have almost digressed in the past 20 years. Sexism is just as present now as it was 50 years ago. We have the power to change this though.

It is still a man’s world in the music industry. What we need is more strong female producers. There are so many out there, we just need to get them to the top. - Voyage MIA

It is a pleasure to welcome singer, songwriter, and fire performer Morrison to Jake’s Take.

Morrison is the stage name that Megan Morrison selected for herself. After making a name for herself in Massachusetts’ high school choir and musical theatre community, Morrison attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and New York City’s Hunter College. Eventually, Morrison traveled to Miami and formed bands such as Dorothy’s Surrender and Revlover.

While in Miami, several significant recording artists began to recruit her to perform alongside them for another one of her talents. As a fire dancer, Morrison performed with Jessie J and Pitbull. She also received praise from several media outlets such as the Miami New Times and She Makes Music.

In this edition of “A Conversation,” Morrison shared her origin story, talked about her talent as a fire dancer, and previewed her upcoming solo project: Appetite for Freedom.

Jacob Elyachar: When did you get interested in music? How did that passion evolve into the desire of pursuing a career in the recording industry?

Morrison: I got interested in music at a very young age. It’s just something that’s kind of always been part of me. I come from a family of musicians. My mom was a pianist and organist in our church when I was young and her father, my grandfather, was a self-taught musician, played in big bands, played like all brass instruments and then went on to compose when he was young and conduct as well. I was always around music on that side of the family. Then my dad was always like listening to Led Zeppelin and popped around the house and singing rock and roll songs and stuff. I had that around.

I sang my first solo in church. They let me sing, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” in church when I was four and that was my first, my first solo appearance and my mom played the piano, so I always love making music. When I got a little older, I started singing in choirs and started excelling and getting short solos and stuff. When I got into high school, I started doing the singing competitions, like district and then all state and singing classical music mostly. Then, I got into musical theater, and that became a passion of mine because I always loved being on the stage.

When I am on the stage, something different happens to me and I am not worried at all about anything, I am there in the moment and I just love being on the stage. So that was really fun for me getting into musical theater. As I got older, it’s at the point where you start looking for colleges and it’s like, what do I want to do? Well, music is what I like to do the most, so I decided that I wanted to try to go to college for music.

I started auditioning at a few schools. My mom was a single mom. We didn’t have a lot of money, so I had the application for a lot of big schools, but I knew that if even if I got accepted and we wouldn’t be able to afford it, so I decided to stay local, stay close to my mom and I got into the University of Massachusetts, that was in my hometown. Studied voice there for three years and then before my senior year, I was done.

I I knew I was going to move to New York City and that was the plan. I had finished almost all my music classes, and I only had like Gen Eds left, like history and has some random courses that had nothing to do with music, so I was like, I can finish that in New York. I moved to New York City and transferred my credits to Hunter College. Then went to Hunter College for music. When I was in New York, I started singing some rock bands, some punk bands. That’s really what I found what I wanted to do was sing rock and roll. I started doing some like garage recordings, and stuff and kind of did that with different bands over the years.

It wasn’t until five years after that, when I moved to Miami, that I started a serious band that I was going to invest time and money into and we recorded our first EP and made a music video. I fell in love with being in the studio and having complete control over my music and what I was recording. I fell out of love with singing other people’s music, like the musical theater, which I still… If I make it big someday as a singer, I want to do an appearance on Broadway because that is still my ultimate dream. But that being said, I love making my original music and having the creative ability to express myself through my songs. So that’s kind of how that progression happened.

Jacob Elyachar: Who are your biggest musical role models and how did they make an impact on you as you became a musician?

Morrison: When I was younger, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, that’s all like music that my mom and I would listen to. I remember just listening to Aretha Franklin and being like, “Oh man, I want to be that when I grow up.” She just such a powerhouse, that her voice and the soul and your music. She had a significant influence on me. I also listened to a lot of jazz growing up, and I still listen to it. There are strong female vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald that had a significant impact on me.

Then, I listened to a lot of like classic rock, like Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty were two of the artists that my folks played a lot of. The first time I heard Led Zeppelin, I was like, “Wow, what is this?” I was singing the lyrics to “The Lemon Song” when I was like six and my dad is like, “Uh-oh, what have I done?” I had Tom Petty’s “Full Moon Fever” memorized by the time I was probably like eight or nine because we were just played on repeat and I just loved those songs so much. I love them because Tom Petty was always telling a story with his music. That is kind of what I tried to do with my music now it’s like saying to the story. They had a significant influence on me.

In my later years, (points to her t-shirt) Muse. The band is just three guys from the UK, small town, and they have been a band for over 30 years. I think that’s so amazing. I just saw them live on their new tour a couple of weeks ago, on my birthday. These guys are just musically and performance wise, they are just above and beyond anyone else I have ever seen. Matt Bellamy is running around playing guitar, coming out of the stage, playing piano, playing lead guitar, singing the vocals. If I can be anyone I love being a woman but I would be Matt Bellamy if I could because he is my ultimate idol.
Jacob Elyachar: One item on your resume that I find very fascinating is that you are also a fire dancer. You have worked with Pitbull and Elvis Crespo. In addition, you also joined Jessie J on stage.

Morrison: Yes.

Jacob Elyachar: How did you become a fire dancer?

Morrison: I learned from my husband. When we first started dating, and I was living in Brooklyn, he had been doing it for a year or two, and he had learned from a friend. Me being the performer and theater person, I’m like, “Oh fire, there’s something new that I could add to my repertoire. I have to learn how to do this.” I grew up in the woods in Maine, so I was around the fire a lot when I was young, like campfires and my dad and his buddies would like to jump over the fire and stuff. I always have kind of had like a fascination with fire since I have been tiny. I thought this was like one of the coolest things I had ever seen.

I just practiced and learned from friends that were more experienced than me and then the excellent school of YouTube. I learned a lot on our University of YouTube, so many tutorials for whatever different prop you are using, and that’s really how I learned a lot. Then, my modeling agency down in Miami kind of got word that I was doing this fire and I started getting booked for some random little, restaurant openings or big people spending $50,000 on a birthday party that wanted entertainment. I started doing stuff like that.

All of a sudden, I was getting booked for music videos and next thing you know, I am with Elvis Crespo and Pitbull down in Miami. It’s been a refreshing experience to get to work with people like that. It was cool with Jessie J she was performing down in Miami; this was really what she first arrived on the scene, first got big, we were like, “Whoa, who’s this?” It was for the NewNowNext Awards that was down in Miami, right near the water. It was a cool thing. They had a huge stage set up. It was another girl and me who I have performed with before, and we were just there doing our fire while she was on stage singing her song, “I’m burning up. I’m burning up.” We’re like in the high boots and the fire. I thought “This is so cool.” That was fun.

Jacob Elyachar: Awesome! What were some of the challenges that you had overcome throughout your career? How did you overcome them?

Morrison: I have had a lot of challenges in my life. I struggled a lot with insecurity and a lot of fear just of the world and the unknown and fear of people not accepting me. Fear of being able to be me. I always kind of felt like I wanted it to be different, but I also felt like I needed to fit in. I was still really concerned about what other people were thinking of me. I had a tough time just like learning to accept myself and love myself.

That combination of that, and I struggled with alcoholism, which runs in my family. I lost my dad in 2010; it was a lifelong battle with him. He got sick and then ended up living a lot longer than he was supposed to, but he never got the help and just never… it wasn’t that he had the desire, but it had like completely consumed him. After he died, the same thing was happening to me, and when he died, I said I was going to stop drinking. Then it was not until five years later that I had to hit rock bottom and needed help because it couldn’t stop on my own. So that was huge… it was crushing at first, and I was ashamed and embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to know about it, but then the more that I went through and the more that I started to learn about myself, I started to get this new confidence that I have never had in my life and instead of like wanting to keep my struggle private, I decided to use my music and speak out about it because it’s so common.

There are so many people struggling with addiction right now. It is not just alcohol; prescription drugs are a huge problem right now. I have had friends that have died from heroin, and just addiction is a massive epidemic in our country and the world. It is like, why not use, if I can use my voice and help even just one person, then I am doing something right. That’s the whole thing about recovery is to stay sober; you have to help other people stay sober; that’s how it works. That has been my mission to write songs that tell about my story and understand where I have been. I can say, “It’s okay to go through this stuff. Look where I am now, and this is how I’m feeling now. I’m feeling great.” So it’s actually almost been a blessing for me because I don’t know if I hadn’t had a problem with alcohol I hadn’t had to go through what I went through as far as the finding myself and finding my spirituality again, I don’t know if I’d be the same person than I am now and have the same drive and be writing the same songs that I am now. I am grateful for everything that I’ve gone through, and I want to use it the best I can to help other people.

Jacob Elyachar: You definitely became stronger because you overcame your challenges. Alrighty, let’s move onto some positive news.

Morrison: Yes.

Jacob Elyachar: Let’s talk about your upcoming EP, Appetite for Freedom. Is that a play on Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction?

Morrison: Guns N’ Roses maybe had a little influence on my musical career. Actually, not to get sidetracked, but I sang karaoke with Axl Rose once when I was living in New York City. An ex-boyfriend of mine was friends with him and he came into town and he was like, five of us are going to go or I forget how many, it was only a few of us. We went and like we shut down this, it was like in Chinatown, I think, one of those private karaoke rooms? They were closing down for the night, but then they were like, “Oh Axl Rose.” They let us go in and we stayed there for hours. What is really funny about it is that he was sober then and I was not, and I was singing every Guns N’ Roses song that I knew for this guy, this man like sat there and listened to me singing his songs. Now, when I look back at it, I really hope I get to meet him someday and apologize because I made a total fool out of myself, but he was like a huge idol of mine. His voice is killer.

Jacob Elyachar: I think he will understand.

Morrison: That being said, Appetite for Freedom always had a nice ring to it. My whole thing with my sobriety and moving forward with my life is just this new kind of appetite for this freedom. It’s not like it… My husband was like, “Oh, it sounds too patriotic.” I’m like, “Well, if people hear the songs, they will know that it’s not a patriot, you know?” Yes, I’m patriotic. I love our country about that. The title has nothing to do with that. It’s more like the freedom of self, like appetite for freedom just to be your true self and truly be free. That’s kind of where I got the idea from.

The wolf has kind of become part of my logo. I grew up in Maine and I heard the wolves at night, and it was just always a sound that was like so beautiful to me, hearing these wolves howling and that’s absolute freedom, these wolves in the wilderness. I kind of connected myself with them. That is the whole Appetite for Freedom with the wolf, that’s kind of where that all came together. These songs are about my trials and tribulations and the freedom that I have now.

Jacob Elyachar: If you had the chance to meet with aspiring singer-songwriters or performers, what advice would you share with them?

Morrison: I have gotten asked this before and you want to give the perfect advice, which I do not know if I can do that. However, my advice would be not to be so hard on yourself and to, no matter what anyone else says, to truly believe in yourself because there are going to be people that try to knock you down. There are going to be people that just simply don’t like your music or your art, and that’s just the personal taste. I don’t like everyone else’s music, I’m not saying that it’s bad, it’s just not my personal taste.

Do not feel discouraged or stop you in what you are doing because of that. If you believe in yourself there’s going to be someone else that believes in you and you just have to be persistent and keep doing your thing. Keep doing what makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy then you need to maybe look at what you are doing because you should be doing it purely because you love it and that should be the driving force behind your music or art. - Jake's Take

Megan Morrison who goes by the moniker, Morrison, is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, actress, multi-instrumentalist, model, and also fire performer. The Miami New Times back in March of 2018 named Morrison one of the “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day.” She’s appeared on stage with Jessie J. and as a fire dancer in music videos for Pitbull.

She recently released her single, “Warrior Woman” with sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, MIICHII, which is featured on a compilation album on the house music label, Pipe & Pochet.

Named last year by Miami News Times as one of “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day” must have been a great honor.

It certainly was! I want to inspire everyone with my music, but especially women. Something that took me a long time to learn is that I should celebrate who I am and not try to conform to society’s standards. I am here, this is me, and I am unapologetic for living my truth. As women, we need to celebrate our differences and lift each other up instead of judging one another.

You’re still writing and recording empowering songs for women with the release of “Warrior Woman” last month in honor of Woman’s Month. Was there any one incident that inspired this song or just the overall message of female empowerment?

I was inspired to write “Warrior Woman” when my cousin and her daughter suffered a tragic loss when a fire demolished their home. They lost everything and had to rebuild from the ground up. I dedicated this song to them. It reminded me just how strong and incredible women are. I went through my own struggle about four years ago. I was battling alcohol addiction and was starting to lose. I decided to turn my life around and have been sober ever since. I basically had to start my life over and rebuild my whole spiritual practice. It took a lot of courage and that’s why I speak so openly about it. I feel empowered because I was able to completely turn my life around when things were not looking good. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it has made me who I am today. I am happier, stronger, and wiser because of it. I want to spread this message of hope and strength to women all around the globe because we all struggle with something. We are strong, we are women, and together we can build a better world.

Tell us about the recording process for “Warrior Women” and working with sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, MIICHII, on this project.

The lyrics and melody came to me for “Warrior Woman” right after the tragic fire. I heard a haunting but hopeful and uplifting melody. Middle Eastern music has always enchanted me. There is something so powerful and mysterious about it, I knew I wanted to have that sound. I didn’t want it to just be one genre though. I wanted the song to embrace women from around the world. In my head, I heard different powerful female voices from all over, not just mine. So I started researching different sounds. This is when I brought in MIICHII to help me mold the track. With his production skills, we were able to bring the song to life. I sang the melody and we took different voices ranging from a Baltic Women’s choir to an African yodeler. I wanted to embrace as many parts of the world as I could in one song while still making it sound uniform. I’m so happy with how it came out! I am blessed to call the talented MIICHII a good friend. It was so amazing to get to work with him on this project!

How did you get involved in music?

I started singing when I was very young. I think I sang my first solo when I was four. (It was “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.) I’ve come a long way since then. Music runs in the family on my mom’s side. She is a musician and her father was a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who went on to compose and conduct. I guess I just have it in my blood. When I got older, I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life. I started singing in choirs and competitions. I later went on to study classical vocal performance in college. It wasn’t until after college that I decided I wanted to write and sing my own songs. I had always written music, but I was never really sure what to do with it. Now I am finally making a name for myself and there is no better feeling than being able to share my music with the world.

What instruments do you play and why did you choose those instruments?

I have an old Lowrey upright piano that I write most of my songs on. My mom bought it for me for one hundred dollars at an estate sale. It still plays great! When I play live, I use a Roland keytar that was a gift from my husband. I love it! For guitars, I play an acoustic small body Loar. It sounds amazing and is so comfortable. I also play a metallic silver Fender Stratocaster. I love that guitar because it sounds amazing and just looks badass. I was fortunate enough to learn how to play the guitar on a vintage, 1967 Brazilian Rosewood Martin that was loaned to me by a dear friend. That was an amazing guitar.

In an Instagram post, you stated, “Music frees me from any worry or doubt.”

Music is the place I go to no matter what emotion I am feeling. It lets me express all my emotions in a beautiful way. When I am performing or just singing on my own, my head completely clears and I am just there in the moment. Music takes me to a different place. It’s a spiritual experience for me.

What’s up for 2019?

I just released my new single “9 Lives” on March 29th (which was my birthday)! The song is about how I lived with a lot of fear and discomfort for most of my life. I always felt like I was an outsider, standing alone in a crowded room. Now that I’ve overcome that feeling, I have a new freedom, and I’m able to look back on my life and appreciate it for everything that it was and is now. The accompanying music video will be released at the end of this month. This video truly reflects me as an artist. I’m really excited to share it! - Guitar Girl

There is a popular proverb, “A cat has nine lives” which is used to compliment someone who has shown the ability to survive tough situations. The same proverb can be attributed to Megan Morrison, also known by her stage name MORRISON.

Once a part of the punk band “Dorothy’s Surrender”, Megan has now embarked on her solo career. While growing up in Maine and Massachusetts, MORRISON started performing in rock/punk bands and in the process, realized her true calling.

Recognized as “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day”, the vocal powerhouse is not just a prolific singer but also a multi-instrumentalist and a terrific dancer. Her last skill led her to guest appearances in music videos by Pitbull and Elvis Crespo and onstage with pop singer Jessie J.

Today, CelebMix premieres a single from MORRISON’s new EP “Appetite for Freedom” which is set to release in Spring 2019.

Titled “9 Lives”, the melancholy single reveals the artist’s troubled past and her ability to overcome fear, loneliness and pain. Inspired by the painful experiences in her past, Morrison finds the strength and freedom to overcome the feelings of fear and loneliness she had battled throughout most of her life.

She says, “I was reflecting on my life one day and the lyrics just started coming to me along with a haunting, melodic melody…I always felt like I was an outsider, standing alone in a crowded room. Now that I’ve overcome that feeling I have new freedom and I’m able to look back on my life and appreciate it for everything that it was. Where I am now is the best place I’ve ever been.”

A follow-up single to “Heart on Fire”, the second track unveils a new chapter in the narrative the album. By providing her listeners with a cathartic medium, MORRISON is not only offering music for leisure but stories that can offer hope to people who might resonate with her. - Celeb Mix


Late Bloomer EP - April 2016 - Independent

Heart on Fire SINGLE - November 2018 - Independent

9 Lives SINGLE - March 2019 - Independent

*Coming soon

Appetite For Freedom ALBUM



Born in Maine and now based in Miami, Megan Morrison, aka MORRISON, is heating things up in her music career. Growing up playing the lead roles in musical theatre and studying classical opera singing, Morrison later discovered her passion for singing in rock and punk bands in NYC. She moved to Miami in 2009 where she sang lead vocals and wrote all the songs for the popular rock band, Dorothy’s Surrender. After the band broke up, she eventually went on to pursue her solo music career. She also endured a personal battle with alcoholism and channeled her emotions into her songwriting. Her latest single, “9 Lives” (released in March 2019), expresses her experience with overcoming pain and rising back up on the other end.


Neufutur Magazine lauded Morrison for her “sheer vocal range“ and “unmatched authority” in her song “Heart on Fire”. The accompanying music video (premiered on Live in Limbo in December 2018) showcases Morrison’s talents not only as a musician but also as a professional fire dancer.


On March 29th, Morrison unleashed her second single, “9 Lives”, which premiered on Celebmix. The accompanying music video premiered on Pure Grain Audio on June 3rd. Both singles are from Megan's debut solo album, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Fall 2019.


Megan is currently working on recording more songs and bringing both her singing and fire dancing into one breathtaking show. She was just named “Best Solo Musician of 2019” by the Miami New Times.


Stay tuned for more songs and videos from this fiery artist!

Palme d'Or winner of the 'Miami Underground Film Festival' for music video "9 Lives" - 2019

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