The Mosaic Quartet

The Mosaic Quartet

 San Diego, California, USA

Vocals, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Simple sounds allow the listener to appreciate the intricacies in each instrument. Recorded with T-Bone Burnett, mixed by Jason Wormer, praised by local radio stations, and appreciated by casual listeners and audiophiles alike.


The Mosaic Quartet, created in 2011, is an alternative rock band from San Diego, California. JB—Vocals/Guitar, Chetan—Piano, Melissa—Bass/Vocals (all classically trained pianists) and Pat—Drums, highlight the piano as the central role in their sound. Chetan spins virtuosic piano riffs alongside celestial guitar scapes and pads, a driving rhythm section, and JB’s sincere, catchy vocals. They site their primary influences as Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay, but they take pride in having a sound that’s all their own.

Just this past April, M4 had the chance to record with legendary producer T-Bone Burnett. This live session gave birth to two tracks performed in his new recording studio at The Village in Santa Monica. It features the dance pop inspired ‘Let’s Go Out’ and the tempestuous ballad ‘Waterfalls.’

JB and Chetan first met in 2005 at music school in Cleveland, OH. A handful of songs were written and chemistry was there, however, they parted ways for 5 years while JB honed his songwriting and vocal abilities to a growing fan base in Boston and Chetan continued his career at the piano gaining success in the world’s most prestigious piano competitions. In 2010 they recruited Melissa, who was finishing up her graduate studies in piano, to move to San Diego and start the band. Once in town, they hooked up with Pat who had spent years developing his rhythmic style through jazz and jam band influences


Just a Moment Away

Written By: M4

You’re all that I want so I’m drawn to you
Though I can’t help but look beyond
It’s not that my heart is standing still
But there’s something missing
So I’m running off in a new direction
New direction
I’m running off in a new direction
I promise I won’t change
I’m just a moment away

Your world’s under fire
But you’re under control
The earth lies beneath your feet
There’s more to life than growing old
You’ll chase your own dreams
I needed to go
So what if you find a new companion
You know I’ll be okay
I’m just a moment away

Ray of Sound

Written By: M4

I took a silent vow
And a taste of wine
It rolled off my tongue to a canyon where all of our dreams collide
And the evening fell
Swallowed in sacred ground
Where the voices I imagined shone like a ray of sound

I’ll enjoy the moment
I’ll enjoy this moment with you

Behind a coral rose
A coruscating smile
(In mirage or an oasis)
Held by a desert child
In naked madness, blinded by your rolling dunes and sandstorming skies
I would lay with you forever
But for now

I’ll enjoy the moment
I’ll enjoy this moment with you
Time dissolves like sugar
In the oceans of our kiss
And I’ll enjoy this moment
Until it comes again


Color Me In - EP (Released 10/14/11)
M4 Live with T-Bone (Recorded April, 2012 -- Unreleased)