Mosaic is an group dedicated to forging an original voice in Jazz. They perform an eclectic range of styles to create a music that's unique and experimental yet remains accessible. Expanding on the traditions of post Bop, Afro-Cuba, electric Jazz and the avant-garde, their music is deep and diverse.


Mosaic’s Unsaid, Undone is the culmination of many years’ work. The title track, a late addition to the album, began its life as a punk rock tune, then as a chamber music piece, then finally the avant-world curiosity that it has become. That’s probably why there’s a clarinet, a brake drum and a toy piano on that track.

Most of the members of Mosaic have known each other practically their whole lives, developing a shared aesthetic and a sense of musical telepathy. As a group and individually, they have explored music as wide ranging as ragtime, electronic avant-garde, Afro-Cuban, indie rock, post-bop and modern classical. As part of various separate projects, they have toured all over the world and brought those experiences into the group.

The main thing about Mosaic is the emphasis on original music. With several composers in the group, there is no shortage of new material. Unsaid, Undone is all originals with the exception of Weather Report’s Sightseeing, and even that has been given a few twists. Member accolades include honors from Downbeat Magazine, The Jazz Composers Alliance, numerous grants and Rhythm Road tours through Lincoln Center and the U.S. Department of State.


Unsaid, Undone (Snack Records) - radio airplay currently charting nationwide. Publicity and radio promotion through Kari-On Productions

Set List

Sets are flexible according to venue and events. Depending on the environment, covers include the music of Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter and Larry Willis to name a few. Sets emphasize music from the most recent CD as well as recently composed music.

Original songs include:
Seconds Out
Knew One
Hikaru's Dance
Speak Down
Under The Sun
Unsaid, Undone
The Ember Waltz

Covers include:
Sightseeing (W. Shorter)
Crepuscule with Nellie (T. Monk)
Un Poco Loco (Bud Powell)
African Flower (Ellington)
The Three Marias (W. Shorter)