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Devon Graves began writing songs when she was thirteen years of age. A native of Hebron, KY, Devon has opened for artists such as Ginny Owens and BarlowGirl. In 2007-2008, she studied at the Conservatory of Angers in Angers, France. There she began the international branch of her touring, playing in bars such as Falstaff, K’Fé du Jour and Café Benji. She is currently a student at Belmont University in Nashville seeking two degrees—one in Commercial Voice with an emphasis in Composition and Arranging, the other in French. “The most beautiful aspect of music is that it is the universal language. No matter what country you are from, music can transcend all barriers and touch people profoundly.” Devon’s songs are heartfelt, raw and honest, spinning poetry with beautiful melodies to create songs that are both catchy and unique. Devon repaints human experiences in a new light, imparting wisdom beyond her years and hope for the future.

Taylor Martin is a singer/songwriter from Lufkin, Texas with a passion to see his generation inspired by the truth of Jesus Christ.Before moving to Nashville, Taylor led worship for his local youth group and other youth functions, including various camps and retreats across East Texas. In the summer of 2003, Taylor went on a mission trip to Brazil, which inspired the writing of his first original song, "Among the Nations." Taylor has continued to write songs in various genres and left his Texas home in pursuit of Belmont University in order to perfect his craft. After arriving at Belmont, God began to open doors for Taylor to begin recording and playing in venues around Nashville. Taylor is looking forward to the upcoming release of his first album and the ministry God is providing as he continues to seek the heart of Christ.

Emily Kent is an artist who brings the warm southern tones of North Carolina and the smokey, raw sounds of soul into an innovative pop style all her own. Influenced by a myriad of artists such as Sara Bareilles, Brooke Fraser, and Leann Rimes. Emily is a vocalist that excels in connecting with an audience and can take her sound from a powerful belt to an intimate whisper. Above all things, Emily is an artist that strives for authenticity and is drawn to music primarily for its power to encourage and connect people through honest lyrics. Coming from Belmont University’s commercial music program, Emily works as a session singer for Jason Klav of Skywater Productions and is currently recording her EP, which will feature the song, “Fragments of Me”, an original which has already begun to circulate through the hands of some of Nashville’s leading labels. More than loving music for its own sake, Emily wishes to uplift and inspire hope, no matter what the topic or circumstances.

Patrick and Molly Lockwood came to their long awaited home of beautiful Tennessee in 2005 where they met and linked up for life. They married in July of 2008. Although they were raised states apart, Patrick fishing and hunting in the wetlands of central Florida and Molly picking blackberries, playing sports, and finding constant adventure in the heat of southern Louisiana, they each found even greater joy and comfort in making music. Patrick picked up a guitar for the first time at age 14 and some say he never put it down again; Molly began piano lessons at age 5 and spent hours of her childhood practicing and making up songs, as well as competing in every piano festival nearby. They love to sing, play, and write music about the tales of their lives and the Truth of their God. Patrick and Molly have a special passion for family and marriage ministry, and they desire to build up the Church of Jesus Christ and reach the lost with their music.

Rachel Harlow came to Nashville from the 'burbs of Chicago, where she grew up immersed mainly in classical music and jazz. Curiosity drove her to investigate songwriting as a young girl and drives her still as she explores all the corners of her craft and--well, the world. Rachel has been greatly impacted by a trip to South Africa and another to Kenya, as well as by a semester she spent in Birmingham, England, gigging in pubs and working to start a university ministry. Rachel sings to tell a secret; her music is guided by poetry (of both the musical and lyrical sort) as she strives to be attentive to God's work in the world and respond through her writing.



Mosaic is a diverse group of friends and artists from Belmont University. Though individually each member is unique in style and personality, these talented friends have joined together to support each other's artistic diversity, serve the church, and put on a great show rich in texture.