Moscow Ambulance

Moscow Ambulance


Moscow Ambulance is crooner pop noir, intimate and a lot of harmonies and sounds like Tindersticks, Leonard Cohen, and a slice of Nick Cave with a Scandinavian sound. Dark and beautiful hits.


The singer, guitarist and songwriter Jakob Dahn and bassist Morten Dalhoff from the Copenhagen based band Skywriter project started the project Moscow Ambulance in 2009.
Skywriter was a Copenhagen based rockband with tours and albums out in Denmark and Germany.

Mr. Dahn & Moscow Ambulance sounds like Jakob Dahn meeting Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen with an Scandinavian sound. Then a smaller afterparty with Nick Cave.

A concert with Mr Dahn and his guitars and Morten Dalhoff on bass and guitars sounds like very intimate crooner pop and rock´n´roll noise. The sweet art of making tears in women’s eyes and something for the lads, - dark and beautiful.
The duo has made several concerts and an EP will be out in autumn 2011.


Now I See

Written By: Dahn

I watch you in the garden
Peaceful by the pool
I frame this moment make it last for life
I´m breathing out my blindness
The city and the trash
And everything I know ends by your side

I believe we were passing all the signs
Now I see trying to hard made us blind

Years of stepping sideways
Nights of countless sheep’s
Sometimes the world’s too small for your embrace.
Pouring champagne in the gutter from Limos we can´t pay.
We wish upon a streetlamp we can´t find

Love is all around this moment

Driving with no lights on

Written By: Dahn

So, you’re carrying your stones
from visions of a home,
you once let go

You don’t have to strip your soul
To let your rose unfold
It´s not your go

Now we’re free from bonds
Why do you keep coming on like you’re undone?

The days are gone, when your fire was only smoke
You faked too long

it’s so late and we’re driving with no lights on
Don’t play, we´ll be fighting ´bout which wrong turn to take.

You´re drawing circles we both know
The rooms you used to owe
Ain´t mine no more

you show a sadness I don’t know
It almost makes me want you but I don’t

Now we’re free from love
Why do you keep coming on like I’m the one.


I´ll be gone
Before a twisted dawn
When we´ll pretend we´re
making love
And kill it all

Now all our mornings used
And sand runs in our shoes
We’ve got 50 years to loose
I’ve got better things to do


Written By: Jakob Dahn

Sometimes she eats but not with ease
Sometimes she cheats, to feel she leads
And all life is flowing out of Caroline
And I hope to get her back in time

I can’t get in, she can’t get out
She draws red ladders on her arms
All life is flowing out of Caroline
And I’ll never let her out of sight

Wings are growing from her back
They will only make her crash
All life is flowing out of Caroline
And I’ll never let her out of sight

I can only give her love
And put it all into this song.
´Till all life is flowing into Caroline
And she finds a way out of her mind

All life’s flowing out of Caroline
I’ll never let her out of sight.

Living in our car

Written By: Jakob Dahn

Avoiding darkened corners in our minds
We´re calling out for safety belts tonight
And the bridges that we built won’t hold the tide, we slide

And you´ve been running faster than you like
And I have kissed the darkness in my mind
And now noone sees your light clearer than I, all time

If we were living in our car
Still you´ll be singing lalalala
Passing lives that aren´t hours
And you´ll be spreading fireflies.

We drift from any ordinary life
And now it does not make no sense in trying
Cause we’ve walked on air, in clay but never straight,/´round borderlines
Houses, garden, better sleep is still so far away/ that we can´t buy

All around now, All around now making my day
We´re wide-eyed, we´re wide-eyed waiting to see
We´re right here, we´re right here, this is our fame

I´m swallowing the hours to fast to taste
When my head is in tomorrow not today
For once I see you faith in me is not at ease
Like you´re a woman I would plan to leave.

If we were living hand to mouth
Still you´ll be singing lalalala
Passing lives that aren´t hours
And you´ll be spreading fireflies.


no releases yet in this project..
An EP will be out in autumn 2011

Set List

We usually play one set of 40-50 minutes but can play up to two sets that lasts 50 minutes each.