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in this new incarnation of moscowfish, we are concentrating on the digital realm, we are listed on Souncloud, last fm, blip, and others, as well as on our website, where you will find the videos and new music that we've produced while being here in Thailand.
We released a moscowfish CD some years ago while residing in Canada, the CBC did a number of feature recordings of our music, we have music that has been used as both source music and cues for television and film.. Starting way back with the film "Prom Night"&"Prom Night 2" (Ted Hall with the band "Highstreet") to independent film releases like "Sister Blue" and TV productions such as the award winning Canadian show "Madison" and others..



We are Canadian artists/and audio engineers who have taken a year out to live in Thailand where we can afford to produce our own multi-media, a new album of material written and influenced by our experience here. We have a nano digital audio studio and a digital video studio that we work on a daily basis. We produce ourselves, as well as other artists we encounter. We have worked with artist from across the globe. We are artists who blur the concept of distinct planetary regions. 10 years ago, we were described as 10 years ahead of our time by Producers from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp and local Vancouver Canadian media, so we took 10 years off and worked in feature film (see - ea birkett for the long list of Hollywood Features we worked) til the pull to create again could not be denied..
We unloaded everything we owned, jumped on a plane for Thailand, and now find ourselves creating without agenda, as such, our sound can truly be described as new.. What sets us apart? Firstly, the voice is unique and distinctly moscowfish, once heard it will never be forgotten, the sum of two voices creating that third entity.
Secondly, our open approach to creating ensures that we unwittingly crossover all the boundaries of genre without the sonic baggage associated with genre specific creation. We just create..period. All of the above translates into a fantastic journey that is our live concert.