Moscow Grooves Institute

Moscow Grooves Institute


The most successful Russian electronic group. Became famous in 2000 when Pshent records released their track "Les chrysanthemes" in compilation "Costes 3-me etage". The group released 5 albums at Citadel records label 2 of them together with the singer Olga Noel: "Les chrysanthemes" and "Na zare".


Different albums of Moscow Grooves Institute show different styles: ambient, trip-hop, acid-jazz, techno, but it's mostly improvisation. Together with Olga, they discover the style "neo-romance" - russian traditional songs and romances in electronic versions. Many tracks of MGI were in different compilations: Costes, Datcha studio, Porc recordings. Vinyl singles were released in UK and USA.


Moscow Grooves Institute albums: 1. Surround Wednesday 1997, Pizza 1999, Commercial 2000, Tangibility 2001. MGI & Olga Noel "Les chrysanthemes" 2003, "Na zare" 2004. Tracks on radio and videoclips on the TV: Voyage (from album Pizza), Stereophonique (from Commercial), Les chrysanthemes, Na zare. Many tracks from the album Tangibility were on radio.

Set List

There are 2 different programmes as MGI (dance-floor) and as MGI + Olga (russian traditional songs). The set may last from 30 minuts to 1,5 hours.