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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative


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Mosely @ Avant Garde Bar

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mosely @ Live on Elgin

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mosely @ Mavericks

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Dani (from Mosley): Interview

The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

Path, Goals, Perseverance.

Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

I am a human being, an equal, not above or below any other person.

I am hopeful, sensitive, caring, generous, friendly, creative, moody, stubborn, critical and authentic.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love performing in front of an audience and I want to make people feel something.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

I've been performing on stages for most of my life. When I was younger, I was heavily involved with theatre. I have always sung, I used to sing in church and started forming bands in college. I used to be in a hardcore-metal band called "Not Even Death". In the summer of 2011, I lost my cousin, Eric Hughes, to a tragic bicycle accident - he was only 25 years old, and also a musician. That event rocked me, and his legacy of "living the dream" taught me to never take any day for granted. Over the months following the accident and his memorial, things began to shift around in my life and my goals became more clear and focused. Out of that, Mosely was born.

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

In early 2009 my parents separated. I was driven into a deep depression for about a year. I remember sleeping too much, having no energy to do anything, always being a miserable person to be around... I was pretty dead inside. My boyfriend, Mat, who is also the bassist in Mosely, really helped me out of it. He recognized that I was going through some really serious stuff and that I needed someone to stand by me to see it through. He saw the part of me that would make it out alive, when I didn't.

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

Seeing the impact that music has on people made me want to be a part of it. When I was younger I went to several concerts and I remember getting goosebumps, feeling joy, being moved to tears, and I really felt all of these things genuinely. When music is so profound, it becomes almost spiritual, that inspires me. My cousin's legacy definitely inspired me to follow my dreams, his pure energy on stage and in life really moved people.

I have met some amazing people at shows who say I have inspired them to go on living their lives and that I have helped them to feel like they're not alone in life, that there's hope. This is 100% why I do what I do... if I can't inspire people, what's the point? I am not what I take with me, I am what I leave with people with when I go.

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

Sadly, one of my biggest mistakes was to be too trusting. I care too much about people and I'm very generous by nature, and it gets me into trouble. I'm realizing more and more that some people like to take advantage of people like me. I'm more cautious now.

Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

I am currently writing with Mosely, what I hope becomes an EP... there's a side of us we haven't really shown, and I think a lot of people categorize us as a pop-punk band, when really that's not the case at all. Our new songs have a sincerity and a raw grit that I hope will help change people's minds about us.

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

If you want something, go for it with everything you've got. Failure isn't failure until you give up.

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

Keep being yourself, you fantastic, beautiful, person who is reading this. -

Ottawa’s hottest up and coming alternative rock band Mosely hits the stage this weekend for another round of Live 88.5’s Big Money Shot. Mosely has been making their mark in Ottawa for the last several years and their new single ‘Friends’ is a rock ballad that further solidifies the bands staying power.
Mosely shares the stage at Ritual tonight with other local talent Crossing Jane, Hello Hello, White Collar Students and Weston Super Mare Band. Together for several years now, the band has been playing local bars and clubs picking up fans in droves along the way. Front-woman Dani Poisson perfectly balances the bands sweet serenades while seamlessly flipping into their grittier rock and roll for the harder tracks, giving every fan something to listen to.
The rest of the ensemble (Matt, Mike and Eric, respectfully) don’t hold back either, living by the motto ‘Make em’ feel something’. And feel something you will. With tracks like ‘Wait With Me’ and their new single ‘Friends’, each song has such depth and feeling over topics like break ups and betrayal that any audience can identify with, and the no holds barred show that the band puts on will have you moving in your seat. By the end of the second set, you’ll be singing along to their tracks and looking for their stuff on Bandcamp to belt out in the car.
So why is the Big Money Shot such a big deal in Ottawa for local musicians? “Big Money Shot is helping put Ottawa music on the map by giving musicians like Mosely greater access to industry pros, their advice and the ability to work one-on-one with them.” Says Poisson.
“We went into Big Money Shot thinking we’d meet other bands in Ottawa and maybe build our Ottawa fan base, but it has vastly exceeded our expectations. I think what has helped us most in terms of the competition side of things is that we’re ready for criticism and willing to take advice. Ego does you no good if it gets in the way of taking some seriously helpful pointers from people who have been around the block.”
The Big Money Shot doesn’t just open doors for a wider viewership and fan base, it also connects musicians with local songwriters and producers that can develop into incredibly lucrative partnerships. “No joke, we met a really cool songwriter and we loved working with Steve Foley so much, that we’ll be going back into the studio with him to record an EP.” Poisson says, hinting at more great music to come.
Coincidentally, front-woman Dani Poisson’s birthday is also the same night. In celebration, Mosely has encouraged wild outfits for the occasion, as well as giving out prizes for the loudest fans and having cupcakes on hand. Come out and support your local talent! - Jean McLernon

Mosely – “With Pencils in Hand”

Released – January, 2013

At the beginning of last year, the Ottawa based alternative rock band Mosely released their second EP release “With Pencils in Hand” independently through their own record label, House of Fish Productions. After releasing the EP, Mosely went on a 4 month tour with the non-profit organization, Live Different where they promoted both the album and the organization’s message.

The band has been in the Ottawa scene for many years ranging from Your Portrait Here, a post-hardcore sound in Not Even Death to their now alternative rock sound in Mosely. The EP features 6 tracks drawing influence from old punk rock bands like Green Day and Blink 182.

“With Pencils in Hand” opens up with “Don’t You Dare”, a Holiday-esque toned rocker that has lyrics connecting to the listeners with “We meet a lot of people, every day and every town, but we never stick around.” The song itself describes the band not forgetting their fans and supporters. “Don’t You Dare” is a mellow rock song that you could drive around town jamming. Excellent quality production, superb vocals and the instrumentals are memorable for this song.

Mosely is all about support, with the aforementioned 4 month tour. I had the pleasure of interviewing the band a few weeks ago and they were quite possibly the nicest people I have met.

The next track, “Make History” opens with the same style barrage of chords which evolves into the melodic verse. Former guitarist Tom Bagler executed these tracks with ease, providing the life line for this one. The lyrical content is very inspiring with “We just gotta work harder to make them see that we’re going down in history.” I can hear so much Simple Plan in this song, it’s awesome. While the scene isn’t as big as it used to be, the punk rock audience would bow down to these guys.

“Throwback” opens with a tasty bass lick performed by Mat Vezina that is so clean you could eat dirt off of it. Dani Poisson, the bands vocalist, chimes in with her gorgeous melodies that she is so notorious for, adding a completely new dimension to the EP’s middle track. Have no fear though; they keep you on your feet when it speeds up for the chorus. The ending of this song is easily my favourite part of this one when it gets heavy. Tom’s guitar riff is hard rock influenced while the thunder drums delivered by Mike Poisson just continue. “Throwback” serves as my highlight of this EP, I love this song.

“Let Me Be Me” has the coolest introduction to a song I’ve heard in long time. Drum tapping followed by a monster bass walk could make you head bop even if you don’t like punk rock. The guitar work for the chorus are awesome for pull offs. “If you have to tear me down to build your self esteem – maybe you should just be you, and let me be me.” Yes. The ultimate “go screw yourself” to every bully from high school or person who has tried to convert them to be something different. Lyric wise for the EP, I could listen to this for hours.

“Circles” serves as one of two mellow songs on the EP – opening with a chord progression behind Dani’s beautiful voice. Honestly, the punk rock serves her voice so much better. The lyrics also feature the EP’s title, “With pencils in hand, we’re drawing our circles around these blank pages.” The band actually did an acoustic cover which suits the song a lot better, but nevertheless – the song is a rocker.

The final track on the album, “Letdown”, follows “Circles” perfectly. It keeps the mood going with a mellow lullaby. In an interview with Mosely, Dani Poisson revealed;

“It’s basically about going through something where you’re in a fight with someone who you’re really close with and they’re not really communicating to you what is wrong.”

- Dani Poisson on “Letdown”

The overall direction of this song is completely different from the rest of the album – taking a more personal and organic connection. The bass drives the song, teaming perfectly with the guitars and the beautifully produced drums – all tied up nice and presented to you in a gold box with Dani’s vocals.

Having only heard a few songs off the EP and only remembering the post-hardcore sound in Not Even Death, Mosely has pleasantly surprised my eardrums – and for someone who is mainly in the metal scene, I consider this a masterpiece for the Ottawa scene.

Mosely are currently working on their 3rd studio release, with the band claiming to be writing “meticulously”. That can only mean one thing… New songs soon! Hopefully. Please?

Mosely -

Stream “With Pencils in Hand” -

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James Rockso – 2014 – CKCU 93.1 FM/CHUO 89.1 FM

Morning Metal - - James Rockso

Heavy Metal Time Machine
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Mosely - With Pencils In Hand
Recorded at House Of Fish

I'm taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I'm guessing it's really freaking cold right now in Ottawa, Ontario. That's where this 4-piece band calls home. With their warm & sunny take on rock and roll though this young band must be making the area all the more enjoyable, cold weather or not! For a band that was only formed back in February of 2012 they sure do seem to as if they have managed to do a lot in a relatively short span of time. The band released the 10-track album "Frailty" in April of 2012 followed by the "Don't You Dare" single this past December. "With Pencil's In Hand" is the latest release from Canada's Mosely and it finds this 4-piece band offering up 6-tracks of energetic garage rock. Now, to show that I do indeed have kids (which should be obvious as I dearly love them and try to mention them as often as possible!) the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the name Mosely was Jennifer "Moze" Mosely from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (played by the lovely Lindsey Shaw). Weird I know, but this band almost has the same sort of quirky fun to them as the show. They are not as goofy as TV show, but one of the other things they have in common is this sense of enduring charm you get from both. Now, just like the TV character "Mosely" this young band is features an equally lovely lady in the form of front-woman Dani Poisson. As she leads the band in an effortless fashion over these 6 tracks words such as "energetic", "pop-punk", "alternative rock", "sunny", "fun" and "garage pop rock and roll" come to mind. Consider those the "tags" then for this band that cites Coldplay, Thrice, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, Muse and Black Sabbath as influences. Nah, I'm just kidding about that Black Sabbath part (seeing if you all are awake on a sleepy Saturday) as these four seem more drawn to a band like Blondie then Black Sabbath! While I've thrown out the terms "pop-punk" (and even "pop-rock") this band does have more of a rock edge then those two descriptions would imply. Yes, the band can craft some pop-tinged material, but it's not like any of the songs on "With Pencils In Hand" are god awful Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Boi" pop or anything! Since they are lead by a woman with a little spunk in her voice I'm sure sooner or later (if it hasn't already happened that is) that they will get compared to Paramore. You do have to wonder how many female-fronted hard pop/rock and roll bands get compared automatically to Paramore? Probably too many to count. For some unknown reason though another band comes to mind who are, well, a little more less known. After listening to this EP I can honestly say that this is what I'd imagine a heavier Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer would sound like! (just look up the name folks). Anyway, this is something different then 99.9% of what you'd normal come across here, but I like to walk on the wild side sometimes so why not have a band like Mosely here right?

Labels: 2013, EP, female-fronted rock, garage rock, Mosely, pop-punk, pop-rock - Metal Mark

Alternative Rock band Mosely (ex-Not Even Death) have released a music video of ‘Friends’, a new song they released earlier this month. Check out the video below. Track is available for purchase on Bandcamp. You can catch them playing a hometown (Ottawa,ON) show on September 11th or they’ll be one of the many bands at KOI Music Fest later this month in Kitchener,ON. - Shawn H

"Every week we publish a link to the Lunch Out Loud podcast, a weekly show produced by Nick Bachusky and co-hosted by Andrew Miller. This week: We meet up with Robin, Megan and Grant from the Bytown Museum in Ottawa. We discuss what led them there, what you can find at the museum, the youth program, their favourite past Ottawan’s, upcoming events and more! Jenn from foodiePrints comes on to talk Pork Belly competitions and Taste of Wellington and music from Mosely!" - Lunch Out Loud - Nick Bachusky

"Local rock stars Mosely play Zaphod’s Saturday alongside Toronto natives Wildlife and Vancouver pop-rockers Dear Rouge. Those wanting to hear more of Mosely’s new singles like “Friends” should make sure to pick up tickets early." - Apartment 613 - Jean McLernon


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Night Owl Specials: Rock duo The Standstills melt faces at the Bovine; GRAY has an encore at Czehoski; and Mosely punk-pops you to sleep at Cherry Cola’s." - Open 'Til Midnight


Don't You Dare (Single) - December 2012
With Pencils in Hand (EP) - January 2013
Wait With Me (Single) - August 2013
Live at ZaZaZa's (Live Acoustic) - May 2014
Friends (Single) - September 2014
Mosely's Acoustic Christmas (Acoustic Covers) - December 2014
Mosely (Self-titled EP) - June 2015
**New EP set to be released in 2018**



Mosely’s “Echoes” is the highly anticipated follow up to their self-titled EP. With less emphasis on public appeal or current musical trends, Mosely’s newest release takes the Alt/Rock group in a more artistic direction. “We made the music we wanted to hear, the music we think needs to be made.” When they aren’t chowing down on tacos, this tight-knit group of seasoned musicians can be found fine-tuning their Halloween costumes or singing karaoke in their beloved home, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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