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Moser Woods

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Band Rock Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"WhatzUp Magazine show review/interview"

Nevertheless, the band
floored the audience and the judges alike with their flawless set, and for
the first time in the competition the audience and judges agreed on the

The two years of work before venturing out also tells of their influences.
They draw inspiration from eclectic progressive bands such as Yes and King
Crimson, to Pink Floyd, to classical works from composers such as

This same feeling of openness to new ideas is something Hoeppner feels
other musicians should experience as well. "Some people get stuck in one
area too much," he said. "People think they have to be this type of band
or that type of band. People get stuck in having their band a certain way.
We do a lot of stuff, from classical piano stuff to heavy stuff, whatever
fits at the moment."

It's all this creative energy, coming from and directed to diverse
sources, that has made Moser Woods overcome the possible stigma of an “instrumental band," and even... “you can't dance to it”. They are
serious people and, even more so, serious musicians. - Whatz up Magazine

""A must get for any fans of great music.""

"I saw this band at Nelson Ledges and was blown away. Bought this CD and have no regrets. The CD sounds great and the music takes you and does not let go! A must get for any fans of great music." - Tom Bowlings of Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

"Show Review December 19th 2009 by Brandon McGinnis FortWayneMusic Staff Writer"

The floor between the bar and the front stage was asses-to-elbows with people standing. All the tables along the wall had a butt in every seat too. I was really surprised by the number of people there to see just 2 people. But once Moser Woods started to play I could see why there were so many people there.

Now I can appreciate good musicianship. Not that regular old cookie cutter music that you hear on some of the radio stations. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's not music, but it's all the same... That being said you might have to create a new radio station for Moser Woods' music. The only band who could possibly get airplay along with them would be Pink Floyd, but even they would have to harden up and add a little more distortion to their music to fit in with Moser Woods. I couldn't even really classify the songs as songs. They were more like movements. What comes along with appreciating musicianship is that there is a story behind every note, every beat, and every space in the song. I would say each one of the songs, excuse me...movements, was close to 10 minutes long. The best part of each story was that you could differentiate between where each one ended and where each one began. It was like a continuous force of sound that was telling you a story as it was hitting you. With some professional lighting, watching these guys live could be an incredible visual, mental, and emotional experience, kind of like seeing Tool live (which by the way was life changing). The hard work and the emotion they put behind their music is very apparent in every part of everything they play. It was a great performance to say the least.

Not to mention it was a special night for them. It was the first time they were playing all of their new music live that was written for their upcoming album. I had spoken with both Rick and Lance on a couple different occasions prior to the show, just to let them know they were being watched, so it wasn't like I was a stalker running around chasing bands. Both Rick and Lance are great guys and are passionate about what they are doing. They want to take their music and expand it beyond any genre. Even though they would like to make careers out of touring and whatnot, they are all about the music first. Which is really important to people nowadays. Sometimes bands forget what being a band is all about. Moser Woods is what being a band and writing their music is all about.

Check 'em out

Brandon McGinnis
FortWayneMusic Staff Writer

- FW Music

"Album Review by Jason Hoffman of WhatzUp Magazine"

Over a year in the making, Moser Woods are releasing Tryptophan, a massive slab of 14 tracks running 73 minutes. While Tryptophan is the famed chemical in turkey that makes one sleepy, the music of Moser Woods will do anything but put you to sleep, and the album ain't no turkey. Sure, it's a three piece combo consisting of guitar, keyboards, and drums, but like any good power trio these three come together to form a huge sound. Witness "Intro" a shimmering atmosphere of Gilmour-esque guitars that lead the way to "Sirkus," where an orange sun slowly appears over the mountains only to take an ominous turn when the piano leads the band to a heart pounding finale. Or "Bididadow" where urgent yet clean piano and guitar play linear melodies that intermix like a fugue. "Aquarius Invertigo" is a brief respite of melodic solo finger picked acoustic guitar before the band Divebombs into "Nasty Pans," a manic improvisational whirlpool of distorted rock guitar, orchestral strings and drums held together by a repeating chromatic figure, a compositional technique also used in "First Song," albeit with jazz guitar chords. The title track is a minute of heavily flanged noise that alternates with ring modulated tones, just to see if you're listening, before "Bipolar Wheather" begins with theremin-like sci-fi sounds, a reedy organ and loads of dissonance. "Nodes Of Change" is a pleasing stroll through
a quaint European Village, a village where a brawl breaks out, but they're all neighbors, so there's no real spite, just astounding performances from all three members. The album ends with three whoppers, each clocking in around 10 minutes. You just have to hear these to appreciate their far reaching impact, preferably with headphones. Describing their music as progressive, experimental, and psychedelic, Lance Hoeppner, Shaun Bryan, and Rick Kinney have given a humble forest quite a legacy with Tryptophan, their first album full of songs that appeal to the head as much to the heart. (Jason Hoffman) - Jason Hoffman Whatzup Magazine July 6-19, 2006


Moser Woods' full length album (Tryptophan) is available via,, Wooden Nickel Music Stores, Borders Books and many other locations. As of August 2010, The Moser Woods promotions team has seen over 13,000 ep discs land in the hands of music fans all across the country. Moser Woods also frequently receives airplay on NPR station affiliates.



Kicking into their 2010 schedule with an appearance at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis with LOTUS, this all original instrumental group is known to consistently deliver high energy live sets that both stimulate the mind and move your groove. Constantly writing, recording, and hitting the road, Moser Woods is completing their next full length release as they nail down the 2010 Summer/Fall touring season. The past seven years have proven to be both monumental, and invigorating for the group as they toured all over riding on album sales, and spreading the Moser Woods seed through their high energy groove explosions on stage.

Imagine an all instrumental explosion of rock, funk, experimental jazz, blues and classical music channeled into a melting pot of free flowing grooves.

Making appearances with Mickey Harts Global Drum Project (2009), Buckethead, (2009), RUSH (Snakes & Arrows Tour 2008), Rusted Root (2006), Darkstar Orchestra (2006 & 2007, 2008, 2009), Ekoostik Hookah (2006 & 2007, 2008, 2009). As of early 2010, the Moser Woods promotions team had seen over 13,000 discs land in the hands of music fans all across the country. Moser Woods was nominated for the following awards by WhatzUp magazine of Northeast Indiana: Best Original Rock Performer 2004, Best Original Rock Performer 2005, Best CD release 2006, Performer of the Year 2006, Best Original Rock Band 2006, Best Live Band 2006.

Moser Woods will be working with independent distributors for the release of their fourthcoming full length album, embarking on a summer/fall tour, and most importantly, will continue the creative writing process. Striving to follow in the path of musical legends like Miles Davis and Frank Zappa, Moser Woods prides themselves on their stunning live performance, and is always confident that a great studio session will follow...naturally

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