Moses The Raven
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Moses The Raven

East Orange, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

East Orange, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Neo Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It wasn't by chance I came into this industry. Both my father and mother took interest in music far before my conception. It's actually the way they met. I guess in that way I owe a great deal to Music itself. My mother would tell me stories of me humming baselines to songs she created before I even had adequate mastery of the English language. Contrary to my natural affinity toward music, creating it was never interesting to me. At school I would get into a lot of situations where I would be bullied. I wasn't the greatest social being so I needed a way to turn my luck. I began stealing my cousins' raps and going to my school to spit them for popularity. I'll never forget the day a boy in my school called my bluff, siting my lack of new material. I had a choice: Go back to being an outcast, or be in with this new crowd of rappers and cool people. This spawned my first attempt at rapping in 2006. In early 2007, R.E.A.L. (my current music group and my fore mentioned cousins) took interest in me. There was a debate on whether or not I should have been admitted into the group as the newest member which lasted into early 2008. I was auditioned with a track called "We Back". R.E.A.L. was taking a rather long break from rap due to having no place to record, so this track would be their return to the game. A lot of weight rested on my shoulders. I had to show my *ss on the track if I ever wanted to be accepted. I sat in the studio the night of the session anxious and ready to give out. I had to think of something quick. So I did what I did best. I stole an Idea from someone I believed to be better than me. It escapes me what song I got it from, but my first two bars were stolen and changed a little to be unnoticed. The rest flowed out of me like I had unplugged a creative cork from my mind and I wrote my first 15 minute verse. Soon thereafter, I moved to Pennsylvania with my father and his then new wife, cutting my rapping down to a weekend thing. Late 2009, My father received an interesting package in the mail. The Native Instruments Maschine. (Moment of silence for a life changing moment) He bestowed upon me his Akai MPD 24 and plugged up his new toy. Although I still own, and am still very appreciative of the MPD, It hasn't been one day since then where I don't consider Maschine to be my main source for creating beats. My first beat ever came out sounding like professional work. Before then I had messed around with garage band and logic but never had I experienced something so perfect in life. This solved a huge problem for me. I had no way of getting instrumentals. I had to steal from youtube or beg My uncles. I cut out the middle man and began plotting on my first project entitled "Full of Beautiful Sound" (Full of BS for short) And although some industry beats found their way onto my mixtape, all in all, It was a child of my own twisted mind. Depression crept it's way up in the summer of 2011 (the eve of my junior year of high school) and my music followed suit. I took on a more darker tone and production style which resides in the breath of my music somewhat to this very day. I released Full of BS on May 30th, 2012 against my better judgement and to no avail. There were less than 100 downloads. I fell right back into the swing of things soon, leaving mere weeks in between my release of Full of BS and my beginning of the mixtape entitled "enigma.alsius (mystery of the cold man)". I changed around the tracklist so much for "enigma" that not one track from the start of the project made it on to the final cut. I didn't want to just slap another mixtape together. I needed to best myself ten fold. I took two years writing and producing, deleting and editing, rewriting and sulking, and I felt like I was getting no where. I had a choice. Put out a lackluster project, or steal beats from online. lol. There was no way my sophomore project would be riddled with garbage that I created just to prove a point. So in 2013 I announced the release of my mixtape. Even though I wouldn't release it until January 10th, of 2014. It's been crazy as hell, looking back from here. There stands a connected flaw in all the things I have done. My originality was not there from the jump. For the past few years, my lyrics have gone through a cleansing period that I am still not finished with. I want you to see my flaws and witness my Transition into Pure Originality.

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