Moses Cotton

Moses Cotton


Americana music with a distinctive Bluesy-Folk feel in songs about love lost, love gained, and the struggles and triumphs of the gristmill of life with a stylistic touch of tongue in cheek wisdom delivered in a head-on, not batting an eye or looking out for traffic fashion.


"With striking lyrics and an unconventional sound developed over 3 decades of wandering from the dirt and gravel backroads, country churches, and honky-tonks of the Old South to the splendors of Europe and mysteries of Asia, Moses Cotton's music can bring to mind the free-roaming style of original bluesman Mississippi John Hurt, the subtle lyrical delivery of Leonard Cohen, and the free-spirited creative genius of Tom Waites. Moses Cotton's songs are written and delivered with such emotional investment and intensity that audiences young or old walk away having heard at least one song that strikes a chord somewhere within and resonates for days after." - The Appalachian Express


Album - Junkies & Trailers
distributed by Cubbyhole Records
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Album play on college/indie radio stations throughout the Southeast.

Set List


My Junkie Friend
Bad, Bad, Bad
10-cent Redemption
And Many Others...

Typical sets are 45-minutes, 10-12 songs each, for 2-3 sets
All songs are originals.