Moses Jones

Moses Jones


Moses Jones is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for! Passionate, hard rocking music and one hell of a live show combine into an experience unlike any other. Welcome to the Jones'!


Some bands share a common ground, a certain place in the world of music that cannot be denied. Moses Jones is just such a band. With a broad range of influences and a passionate delivery, Moses Jones wins new fans every time they take the stage. Taking cues from the entire spectrum of rock and roll music, Moses Jones crosses all musical boundaries with hard hitting results. From placing in high profile competitions such as Club La Vela's Battle of the Bands, to sharing the stage with such diverse acts as Jackyl, Blackberry Smoke, Artimus Pyledriver, Indorphine, Mountain, and Bullhead Clap, Moses Jones has cemented a place in rock and roll that grows bigger by the day. Since 2002, Moses Jones have been honing their craft and cutting their teeth in venues all across Atlanta and beyond playing heartfelt, honest, and just plain kick ass rock and roll music for anyone who will listen. They are not a trend, they are the next modern classic. So take heed, Moses Jones is coming your way soon and you will NOT be able to ignore what you hear!


Current 5-song demo featuring:
1.About damn Time
2.Paycheck Short
3.What You Want

Head over to and click on "media" to listen to and download all 5 songs!

New full length on Super Rock Records coming 1st quarter '07, stay tuned!!!

Set List

Moses Jones can do sets ranging from 40 minutes to over an hour and a half depending on the situation. We can rock as long as you'll let us!