Moses Mayes

Moses Mayes

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Classic funk grooves, slick guitar riffs, punchy horn lines, old school keys and turntable cuts - this is Moses Mayes. A sound defined by the vision of three students of groove.


Classic funk grooves, slick guitar riffs, punchy horn lines, old school keys and turntable cuts - this is Moses Mayes. A sound defined by the vision of three students of groove.

Since 1999, the music of Moses Mayes has been moving people on the dance floor and from their stereos across North America. Their live performances have earned them a reputation as one of the best acts in their scene, playing to festival and club audiences and leading the new funk fusion sound over the last 7 years. Add two full length releases, a three song ep, a Western Canadian Music Award and thousands of sales and you have an accumulation of years of experience in orchestrating grooves and exploring sonic frontiers.

The result, ‘Second Ring’, the third full length album from Moses Mayes produced by veteran dance floor killer Jamie Shields (the New Deal). At the forefront, the classic Moses dance-funk grooves and signature jazz horn playing. In the new, vocals by artists Sherry St.Germain, Ariane Jean and PHATT al, each of whom adds their own flavour to the Moses sound. It's a new take on modern dance music, songs that incorporate
elements from the genres of funk fusion, jazz, house and pop.

It’s time to hit the dance floor with a different sound...the sound of Moses Mayes.


Moses Mayes - S/T - 2000
Moses Mayes - Needle to the Groove - 2004
Moses Mayes - Rock it So Hard EP - 2006
Moses Mayes - Second Ring - 2006

Moses Mayes's S/T 2000 release won the 2001 Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Urban/Dance Recording and garnered airplay across Canadian Campus Stations.

'Needle to the Groove', release June 2004, is a a 12 song LP that displays the musical maturity of the collective rooted in over 300 performances over a three year stint. The album was nominated for a 2005 Western Canadian Music Award for Best Instrumental Album and has garnered indy sales of 3500+ since its release. Reaching no.39 on the national campus charts and no.9 on the electronic charts, Moses Mayes received both critical acclaim for this record and the performance that supported it. More recently, the album was picked up by Fusion 3 Distribution and will be re-released nationally on February 28, 2006.

Rock it So Hard EP, released July 18, 2006 - The three-song Rock It So Hard Ep showcases the band doing what it does best: grooving over top of deep beats and melodies. Rock it so Hard provides a glimpse into yet another stage in the evolution of Moses Mayes' mix of live instrumentation and programmed sounds. Long time fans needn’t worry; the band has still retained its signature sound. The dance-funk and house grooves are still at the forefront of the bands sound with the tasteful guitar work, intricate keyboard parts and turntable cuts. The Ep also marks the band’s first foray into guest vocals. Featuring Toronto M.C. Phatt Al (God Made me Funky), N.I. Gel (The Pocket Dwellers) and Arian Jean (Madrigaia), Rock it so Hard will provide fans with the irresistible grooves they’ve come to expect from Moses Mayes, but with the added bonus of irresistibly catchy choruses to shout along to on the dance floor.

Second Ring, released on November 14, 2006 (Fusion 3/Dublum Records), sees an evolution in the Moses sound. Produced by dance floor killer Jamie Shields (the New Deal), this 10 track record covers a variety of genres spanning funk, jazz, pop and fusion. Featuring (for the first time) three guest vocalists, Second Ring encompasses classic Moses Mayes grooves alongside stellar production and vocal melodies. This sure fire dance floor hit record will strike a cord with longtime fans and new ears across the world - the first single 'Tell Me' featuring Arianne Jean has already been well received by media and audiences a like.

Set List

Two to three house set, some covers, mostly originals and free jam styles can happen....