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Woodstock, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

Woodstock, Georgia, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative


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As the guitarist and a founding member of Mother’s Finest, the funk rock band that helped propel Atlanta into the national spotlight as a viable music scene in the mid-’70s, Moses Mo doesn’t need to prove himself these days. He’s done his time in rock ’n’ roll Babylon, toured the world, and shared stages with a veritable who’s who of performers.

Nevertheless, he’s always been a bit restless over the years, finding his way onto Atlanta stages with local and touring bands remember Illusion?), always expressing a side of himself that’s certainly a part of his Mother’s Finest oeuvre, but also pushing the boundaries of what his followers expect.

Almost two years ago, Atlantans were fortunate enough to see Mo sit in with Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel at Eddie’s Attic. Whitlock, known for his contributions to Derek & the Dominos’ Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Eric Clapton’s attempt at forming a band after his first solo album), not to mention George Harrison’s first solo venture, All Things Must Pass, had invited Mo to join them as the singer/keyboardist/guitarist took the audience on a musical journey through the songs he’d recorded with his stellar friends. Mo was the perfect compliment to Whitlock’s work. Not attempting to replicate the guitar parts as on record, Mo instead added his own soulful and stirring slide and fret work to every song.

After the show, Mo handed me a CD as I headed to my car. A six-song EP, Two Ton Message, it was an impressively heavy offering of rock from a power trio, but sounded like Mo was still searching, rather than having found his groove.

This Thursday, Mo returns to Eddie’s Attic with Moses Mo and the Real Cool Band ( Mo; Kerry Denton, drums; Mikey Long, bass; ZeroBasement, rap verses; and PoiZen EV, percussion and background vocals) to celebrate the band’s debut release, Drive In. A mixture of rock with rap accents, there’s also a Southern-inspired grittiness to the music that makes this third “solo” album from Mo his most realized yet.

Solo, as used above, is in quotes, because, while most of the songs are his compositions, Mo prefers to work in a band setting. “Bands have always been used as promotional tools for the music,” he observes. “I realize the need to perform the songs for them to be heard, but I'm not comfortable as a solo performer. Also, I didn’t really want a group of highly skilled performers, often high-strung, and needing a different kind of attention, than I was willing to provide for them. I wanted a group I was comfortable with, made up of people skilled, talented, but still needing polish, as I see myself. People who lived close to me, so we could work together and grow a sound together. Knowing these things take time, I was also looking for a friendly, like-minded group; each person with an artistic passion for music, wanting to grow. Most exciting is watching and listening to how far we have come! We're making it together. It's not just about me; there is a lot of personality and artistic expression going on here. I’m feeling it, they're feeling it, the audience is beginning to feel it — and it's fun. We look forward to sharing what we have with all who show up on Thursday.” - Tony Paris - Creative Loafing Atlanta

Caroline Aiken Inside Out (Aiken/Mo)
ATLANTA- Caroline Aiken has established herself as one of the finest voices on Southern music. Independent to the bone with seven CDs, and a Grammy nomination for a Contemporary Folk CD in 2006, Caroline Aiken has done numerous performances to benefit thousands of causes, and has recorded with and shared stages with artists like The Indigo Girls and Bonnie Raitt. On this song, Caroline performs with the Atlanta based band Doghouse. This song was co-written with Moses Mo of Mother's Finest. -

What an incredible sounding solo record from the legendary guitarist Moses Mo, who has been funkin' the world with Mother's Finest for the last 4 decades. This album has been eagerly awaited for and well worth the wait. A heart felt record that's equally beautiful as it is rockin', the album is filled with Blues, Rock, Funk and Americana hooks all wrapped up into fantastic music.

Packed full of guest artist, this record includes Kerry Denton (drums), Caroline Aiken (vocals), jamie Russell (harp), Mark Hogan (bass), John Kovach (keys, cello, synthesizer, strings), Carl Carlton (slide guitar), Harold Seay (percussion), Steve Stone (mandolin), Glenn Murdock and Joyce Kennedy (harm vocals), Wyzard (bass), Andrew Black (scat vocals, harm vocals), Johnnita Johnson (vocals), Eric Frampton (keys), Bertram Engel (drums).

All I can say is "We Want Mo"... - Audiostar

Moses Mo, the lead guitarist, is one of the original members. His performance is nothing short
of awesome. Just like the entire band, Mo puts on a show for the fans so entertaining that if you're
sitting still when he's rockin' out on stage - well you must be dead. Mo takes care of business on
lead guitar and leaves nothing on the table when he's done. He's certainly one of the great

RON : We're here with James Gary “Moses Mo” Moore, original member & lead guitarist for
Mothers Finest and still kicking some s-e-e-rious butt on stage. Hi Mo. Thanks for being
with us. It’s great to be chatting with you.

MO : Nice to be here, Ron, thanks for the support and appreciate the opportunity!

RON : After 40 years, Mother's Finest continues to pack venues around the world. One thing
that stands out with everyone is the energy and enthusiasm that the band has with
every show. That's a cool testament to how much ya'll love what you're doing and how
dedicated you are to the fans to always give them an awesome show.

MO : We do love what we do and the fans give it right back. To me playing live is the one
place you get an instant payoff. There’s a connection between us and our fans, a
hunger, it’s a lot like sex, the more you get the more you want. We’ve always been a
live band first, so the stage is like food to us and we come as hungry as our fans are!

RON : Who were the original members of Mothers Finest and when did the band form?

MO : The core of the group, as far as original goes, formed as far back as 1970. Joyce and
Glenn were already working professionally as a duet when I met them, we wanted to form
a group that just “Rocked”, no rules, I followed them as the guitar player to Miami, FL
where we met Wyzard (Jerry Seay) who became our bass guitar player thru his brother
and what followed became history. When we headed to Atlanta, GA, there were
different members in the group than the ones that became known with the group’s
success. Members came and went but the 4 of us continued working together as
Mothers Finest.

RON : Now, obviously you're still a member, then there's Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy..there's Glen
"Doc" Murdock..Jerry "Wyzard" Seay. Who are the other current members?

MO : Dion Murdock (Drums/percussion/programming) has been with us off and on since he
could hold sticks in his hands and John Hayes is the “New” kid on guitar for the last 20 or
so years. Both became members of Mothers Finest, a version formed in the 90s, and
recorded an album called “Black Radio Won’t Play This”, which was extremely successful
in Europe.

RON : The majority of the original members are still with the band. Sticking together all these
years is awesome, but unusual for the music industry. What's been the magic to that?

MO : Just Karma I guess, it is unusual but over time you build relationships outside of
work, we became a band of brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends and
lovers, we fight, we make up, we’ve always supported one another, basically, we still
feel it, we still want it, we still need it!

RON : I can remember when y’all played at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom in Atlanta. That was
a long time ago....what year was that when Tom Werman, producer with Epic Records,
saw the band there and landed a record deal for the band. Talk about that and the results
of signing with Epic.

MO : Yeah, that was a long time ago but it still feels like yesterday, don’t know where the
time goes and it’s even harder to remember specifics but that was a great time. Our
management at the time was key in pulling all that together, I remember Tom coming
to check us out and having a great big smile, we loved Tom, it was cool working with
him. He did a great job of getting the MF sound on tape and we had a lot of fun
doing it. He was a pretty patient guy and we wanted to try everything, it was an
extremely creative progress, we were both just getting started and in 1976, the
music scene did not have a band like us and Epic Records was just a little bit nervous
about how to promote such a group. It felt like, to me, Tom joined right in with our fight
to show people what we did was a good idea!

RON : Tom produced a couple of albums for Mothers Fines - Georgia Music Channel

Mother's Finest issued their debut album Mother's Finest in 1972 on RCA; a second album for RCA remained unreleased until it surfaced as bonus tracks on the 2010 re-issue of Mother's Finest. The group signed a new contract with Epic Records and released their sophomore effort, also titled Mother's Finest, in 1976, stirring up controversy with the ironic "Niggizz Can't Sang Rock'n'Roll." Riding a wave of success, the band's next three albums, Another Mother Further (1977), Mother Factor (1978) and Mother’s Finest Live (1979), all went gold,[1] helped along by heavy touring opening for the likes of Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, The Who, Aerosmith and AC/DC.[2]

In 1978, the band set out for Europe and took part in the Rockpalast concert series at the Grugahalle in Essen, produced by Germany's WDR television and broadcast to various countries. With only one concert Mother's Finest put themselves on the map all over Europe where the band has cultivated a dedicated following to this day. The legendary 1978 show was finally released on CD and DVD in 2012 as Mother's Finest - Live At Rockpalast 1978 & 2003, also including the band's 2003 "Rockpalast" appearance at Satzvey Castle.

After four albums for Epic/CBS in the 70's, the band signed with Atlantic Records for their heaviest album to date, 1981's Iron Age.[3] That same year Joyce Kennedy guested with Molly Hatchet on the song "Respect Me In the Morning" from the Take No Prisoners album. Mother's Finest went on hiatus after 1983's One Mother to Another, with vocalist Joyce Kennedy pursuing a solo career, releasing the soul/R&B-styled Looking For Love album on A&M Records in 1984. She scored a Billboard Top 40 hit with "The First Time I Made Love", a duet with Jeffrey Osborne. Drummer Barry Borden, who had joined Molly Hatchet on the No Guts...No Glory album, teamed up with guitarist Gary Moore in the band Illusion, releasing a pair of albums, Illusion (1985) and I Like It Loud (1986), on Geffen Records. Meanwhile, bassist Jerry Seay toured with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks behind her 1983 album, The Wild Heart, including an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Eventually, he and brother/drummer Harold Seay, who had replaced Barry Borden on One Mother to Another, joined Rick Medlocke in a revamped Blackfoot line-up and appeared on 1987's Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot album.[4]

Mother's Finest reformed for 1989's If Looks Could Kill on Capitol/EMI Records, with only drummer Barry Borden missing from the classic line-up. He was replaced by Joyce Kennedy and Glenn Murdock's son, Dion Derek. In 1990, the band released their second live album, Subluxation, on RCA/BMG, albeit only in Europe. It was the first album to feature guitarist John "Red Devil" Hayes, formerly of Atlanta's PG-13, hired in place of the departing Gary Moore.[5]

The band moved over to Scotti Bros. for 1992's Black Radio Won't Play This Record, a heavy funk metal album, which was recorded with the help of former Sound Barrier member Tracey "Spacey T" Singleton on guitar. The band continued to tour heavily, especially in Europe, but did not release another studio CD until 2004's Meta-Funk'n-Physical, an experimental, hip hop- and electronic beats-oriented effort.

Beginning in 2004, Joyce Kennedy was seen on the international Daughters Of Soul tour along with Sandra St. Victor, Nona Hendryx, Lalah Hathaway (daughter of Donny Hathaway), Indira Khan (daughter of Chaka Khan), and Simone (daughter of Nina Simone).[6]

In 2010, fellow Georgia rockers Jackyl, feat. Darryl McDaniels from Run-D.M.C., paid homage to Mother's Finest with a cover of "Like A Negro" from Black Radio Won't Play This Record and also shot a video.[1]. Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree had previously been in PG-13 with John Hayes in the late 1980's; Dupree, Hayes, Dion Derek and Jerry Seay also played together under the name Dent. The band recorded an album for Sony Music which was ultimately shelved by the label and remains unreleased to this day.[7]

On September 16, 2011 Mother's Finest was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.[8]

In July 2013, Mother's Finest launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for a new studio album.[9][10] - Wikipedia

Meet Moses "Mo" lead guitarist for Mother's Finest since 1972 joins us as we talk about his current CD
This is a MUST HAVE CD...
Be listening weeknights to "Sit & Spin" epsiodes in September to hear his work.

Show is on Sat Oct 6 with Moses "Mo" about the music and the making of "CARTOON YOU" now available! - BTRKatPat

December 2, 2016 – Decatur, GA – The Vista Room

This was the third time seeing Moses Mo’s solo project live. First off, the venue sucked! First and last time I went there. Just like Terminal West, beer in cans, which I absolutely despise. Then there was confusion with the tab. No clue why I gave that girl a tip (I’m just too nice at times).

But back to topic, Moses Mo delivered (again). With his red guitar and his bandmates Mikey Long, Zero Basement and Gabe Frankel, he rocked the roof off of the joint with his bluesy funky rockstyle. I deliberately missed the opening act, Liz Brasher, after I had looked her up online. Her slow blues was just not my musical taste, but feel free to check her out

Moses Mo started the evening with an old Mothers Finest song “Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way” and followed with this:

Next came “Try Me” and the bass player seemed to be having some issues. It was quite the sight seeing him continue to play while a technician was working on his bass guitar. True showmanship.

“Round and Round” was next, not really one of my favorite songs, followed by “Better Hurry” and “Come On Over”, a song, that according to Moses Mo, is as close to blues as they come. The only song where the crowd stopped dancing and on this evening not really a favorite of mine either, although it’s actually not a bad song.

With “All the Time” some serious foot stomping set in. Another Mothers Finest original followed, “Truth’ll Set You Free”.

Up next was “Can’t Have Nothin'”, a song about ‘not being able to have nothing’ (obviously, lol) followed by “Sometimes I Feel”. No clue what came after this as I was having my tab issues with the bartender, but then it was “Soul Wrecker”, a song I really like a lot. Unfortunately, I think the audience differed because the venue started to empty more and more (I think it was the venue and it’s location, people in this area tend to listen to a different style of music).

Next up a song about coffee, my kinda song. Unfortunately I was annoyed most of the evening by some people near me taking pictures (with flash) all night and disturbing my enjoyment, not the fault of Moses Mo. Again, the geography and it’s population.

“Talk To Me” got us back rocking.

“Call Me Baby” was a good jam, but the venue still kept getting emptier. A short birthday song for someone in the audience and then the last song of the evening. This is where Moses Mo shows off his guitar talent, playing with his teeth and such.

Although the venue wasn’t the best choice, Moses Mo did once again show us how a professional musician rocks. I had the feeling Zero Basement didn’t rap as much as usual. The mix of guitar and rap was unusual when I first heard them, but it fits and makes the band unique. They should build more on. Way to go Mo! Even with my complaints about the venue, you managed to once again entertain me. Can’t wait to see this band again.

You can download their songs here: - Project Metal Music

Moving on in the evening, after a short break it was time for Moses Mo and his 2 Ton Message Solo Project. As I had mentioned, I was lucky to have experienced this band two weeks earlier. If you know Moses Mo from Mother’s Finest, you know what a great guitarist he is. I would describe 2 Ton Message as a MF meets Linkin Park, although that doesn’t quite do them the honor they deserve for this musical artwork.

I am pretty sure they turned the volume up because it was louder than The Marquis (incase you remember my Lacuna Coil concert revue). But this only heated up the energy. After Round and Round, All the Time and Can’t Have Nothing the crowd gave a standing ovation. When Sometimes I Feel was over the mood in the bar was very good. Moses shredded the guitar and the mostly middle aged crowd were rocking their asses off. Soulwrecker, Don’t Talk To Me and yes, a song about coffee even (yay) had the crowd on their feet.

Definitely, if Moses Mo comes to your town, check them out, you will not be disappointed.

You can find Moses Mo on Facebook: and be sure to listen in to his music here:

And again 3 short clips from the evening. - Project Metal Music


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One Mother To Another - Mother's Finest
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Live at Villa Berg - Mother's Finest
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Cartoon You - Moses Mo

Two Ton Message 2015



Moses Mo of Mothers Finest has a solo project he simply calls The Real Cool Band, Moses Mo and The RCB has a NEW music release DRIVE IN independently released by Moses Mo through CD Baby distribution.  The New music release was offered on Pledge Music, most of the songs were written by Moses Mo, the others were a collaboration between himself and ZeroBasement.  Kerry Denton and Kenny Soule created dual drum tracks on most of the songs, Mikey Long and Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley created the bass tracks, Zero Basement created stories within the songs with his lyrical rap style, PoiZen EV brings the spice with her percussion and background vocals.  Tomi Rocker, songwriter/vocalist, lent her skills during the recording of Space Kadet.  The music is an eclectic blend of the different musical influences of all the members and the direction of Moses Mo and his inner desire to achieve music which speaks to everyone.

Discover more at   Listen to more Mo on Soundcloud at  

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