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"Richard Milne WXRT"

On Rhythmic American Poetyry-Album-"There is a nice manic, spastic energy to this disk, whether the band MOS FunneL is rocking out or laying backa bit. What I like about this record is that there isn't a drop of pretension to any of it. All of the performances seem to be for the sake of the music-to my mind, we need more art like this." - WXRT Local Anesthetic

"pop matters and chi town daily"

*These guys have it all: a booming, stand-up bass, a fuzzy recording approach that reminds me of Procol Harum, and a vocalist with a frantic, Jack White meets Tom Waits kind of vibe. It's different, and good.

-Geoff Dougherty, Chi Town Daily News

*Rhythmic American Poetry from MOS Funnel is more aggressive, Americana, funk and roll than the public as a whole has probably heard since Sly And The Family Stone. Joe Corrado's abrasive vocals against cousin Ed Cullerton's and buddy Daniel Huber's instrumentation make Poetry paradise in rhythmic disguise.

- Angie Maldonado, the Illinois Entertainer

*Take out your Music Atlas and spread it across the floor. Over there, to your right, are Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and the Stones. Mark those spots with an X. Look, down here, put an X on George Clinton. Put an X on Mellencamp. Over here, it's Hendrix. Mark an X there. Go left and you'll find Lenny Kravitz and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now take a ruler and draw straight lines between all the X's and you'll have an idea of the musical territory MOS Funnel travels on Rhythmic American Poetry. MOS Funnel consists of vocalist and guitarist Joe Carrado, Ed Cullerton (drums), Justin Ringsak (horn, bass, and guitar), and Dan Huber (bass). This mixture of funk, rock, pop, and jazz -- as well as the use of two bass players -- is fresh and imaginative. Infectious songs like the rocking "Sleep in the Sand" and the swinging "Any Day Now" will have you hooked. Musically, they're not afraid to take chances (check the staccato piano and wiggling bass on "Strange Clockwork" or the complete musical about-face at 2 minutes and 58 seconds into "Comeir"). Lyrically, Rhythm American Poetry is aptly titled, with songs like "Apathy Apologies" and "Beautiful Not Saddened" that are lush with imagery. Joe Carrado's born-to-rock gritty vocals may be an acquired taste, especially on "Tattooed" -- at times, he's channeling Joe Cocker; other times, it's John Mellencamp or even Louis Armstrong's "What a Beautiful World". But take notice: Rhythmic American Poetry puts MOS Funnel's name on the map too. Make sure you mark it.

-Quentin B. Huff, Pop Matters

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unreleased "mercury" the first in a 3 disk series. availability limited online

Rhythmic American Poetry (LP;2006)

A Side / B Side (EP; 2005)

A Raw Demonstration (EP; 2004)



Elegantly melding saloon piano and soul music. MOS Funnel combines floor-stomping electricity with enough raw soul and poetics to turn every head in the room and make the women coo. Reveling at live shows in dimly lit bars, the members of mos Funnel deliver a unique and energized live performance while combining a tight focus on lyricism with rhythmic exploration. Joe has pushed his piano through the streets of wicker park in chicago for years and is now pushing it across the streets of the country. the act is a treat for any and all on-lookers. it is truely something that no one in the world has done before.
here's a sneak peak link (solo) :