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MOS Funnel


songwriter on a 100 year old red piano on rockers. this you gotta see!!!!


Elegantly melding saloon piano and soul music. MOS Funnel combines floor-stomping electricity with enough raw soul and poetics to turn every head in the room and make the women coo. Reveling at live shows in dimly lit bars, the members of mos Funnel deliver a unique and energized live performance while combining a tight focus on lyricism with rhythmic exploration. Joe has pushed his piano through the streets of wicker park in chicago for years and is now pushing it across the streets of the country. the act is a treat for any and all on-lookers. it is truely something that no one in the world has done before.
here's a sneak peak link (solo) :


Magic Beans

Written By: Joe Corrado

2 living for one
Give me all your money
And take all mine
Spend it on magic beans

We'll get by
We'll lean
I lean on you
We'll get by
We'll lean
I mean on me
Friends will lean on us
And we'll do the same
Sometimes blood ani't as thick as a name

OUr names, their names
Our names together
Sever no ties
But she stregnthens every line
in a state of grace and open mind
Just keep your eyes in their corners
Wait for my sign

See you in France
See you in Spain
Latin eyes can't disguise
What you really want to say
Adopted child found forsaken
And sometimes never at all
A friend a foe

I know I'm always present in your
decisions of love

Zealots' Page

Written By: Joe Corrado

The first words out of her sleep are
I'm still here
A change of grace
A nursery rhythm
A slower pace
to drive my mind
The second time you whispered
In my ear
It wasn't the first time
It wasn't so crystal clear
With a view from the inside

In a hole
But couldn't try my way out
A nudge from a dream
is what pointed my eyes out

How can I say just what I mean
Can I tell you of the things I see
With a view from the inside
I see you stepping out
With a view from the outside
See you creeping on in

I had a little Bo Peep
Who just wouldn't sleep
Cause when she did she dreamed
Of up on a cloud
But forgot about the wind
Opened her arms
And took her with

With a view from the outside
I see you stepping on in
With a view from the inside
I already done left out

I'm tired with out you lady
And I still push you away
To know what I mean
When I really can't say

Old Blade

Written By: Joe Corrado

I hear the sirens sing
I hear the sirens scream
I feel the sirens pull me in

As shallow as it comes
As deep as it leaves a mark
Under a pigeons wing
Discussing with rats
The most secret of plans
You're going to be a quite a mother

As hard as it comes
The more often I shave
With an old blade

Don't bleed so much anymore
The skin just grows over
You get the words whispered
Into your ears
All by yourself

Death stands alone
All by itself
A home
All you can do is try to cheer it up

As desperate as it seems
I reach out to you for a reason

I hear the sirens sing
I hear the sirens scream
I feel the sirens pull me in


unreleased "mercury" the first in a 3 disk series. availability limited online

Rhythmic American Poetry (LP;2006)

A Side / B Side (EP; 2005)

A Raw Demonstration (EP; 2004)

Set List

MOS Funnel has experience playing standard 45 minute to 1 hour sets as part of multi-act bills, and also playing 2-3 sets as a featured act. The band is able and willing to adapt to most settings, and has performed acoustic as well as electric.

Originals (a partial list):
Sleep in the Sand
Any Day Now
An Intimate Minute
Motion Picture
Beautiful Not Saddened
Rhythmic American Poetry
To the East
Magic Beans
Old Blade
Alpha Jerk
Apathy Apologies
The Unsaid
Where It Stays
Al Green Island
Zealot's Page

MOS Funnel occasionally plays covers from artists who have influenced the band, or covers of songs solely in the interest of having a good time.