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We are the family Von Trapp (sound of music) meets Chicago bar band--Classic rock tunes played by Dad and his 10 and 8 year old kids. Rock tunes make mom and dad happy and kids get inspiration seeing their peer group rockin out on stage


If there is another family act out there in Chicago I want to know about it!!...its a very unique angle where we play music that might be heard on the "main"stage but by having kids perform it make it applicable for the "familiy" stages so prevalent in Chicago street fairs....classic rock is the influence yet we take classic rock and transpose guitar solos to violin such that Alexa the 10 year old carries the part instrumentally; additionally, her voice and stage presence magnificent --NBC 5 featured her last summer at St. Ben's fest on their evening news--


we cut a cd last summer at uptown recoding studio..

Set List

Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison), Accidentally in Love (Counting Crowes), For What it's Worth (Buffalo Springfield), I Feel Fine (Beatles), Cat's in The Cradle (Chapin), Please Don't Go (Miley & Billy Rae Cyrus) 1,2,3, 4 (Plain White T's), Sister Golden Hair (America)-etc