Seattle, Washington, USA

An eclectic mix of hard and soft rock, grunge, metal, acoustic and funk. Something for everyone.


Mossback was formed in 1994 by Brennan McFeely and Paul Adams. A chance meeting at The Keg in the U-district brought lead guitarist Curt Hamblet aboard and the lineup began to solidify. Through ads in the Rocket Layne Bouche and Sandy Greenbaum were brought in on bass and drums respectively. And so began a ten year odyssey. Mossback played many local venues in and around the Seattle area. They began plying their spare money into recording, working with top notch producers Kevin Suggs, Gary King and Scott Ross to develop their unique sound. "Mishmash" is the culmination of a decade of writing and recording and contains a wide variety of musical genres and styles. There's something here for everybody. For those who like hard rock check out "On Your Own" and "Sanity"...For those preferring a softer sound there's "Cold Wind" and "Annalisa". Grunge rockers will like "Junkie Town" and "Nothin Left To Give". And for the politically conscious check out "Cloak of No Consequence", a song about the Tibetan struggle with genuine Tibetans' chanting and singing backgrounds. Enjoy


Cold Wind

Written By: Adams/McFeely

Cold Wind

Watchin' the time pass slowly
Where is she tonight?
No valid explanation
Somethin' just ain't right

She has her endless choices
And I have just my give
I'm not gonna stay any longer
I'm gonna rise above


Cuz now I know
When the cold wind starts to blow
That's when I'll know
When the cold wind starts to blow
That's when I'll know
That it's my time to go

We have been driftin' apart for
Such a long long time
If I described our early love
I would say sublime

But she's grown colder now and
I have seen this before
I'm not gonna stay any longer
Cuz I know what's in store for me

(Repeat chorus) 1st line changed to "yes now I know"

(Vocal outro)

When the cold wind starts to blow (2X)

That's when I'll know, that's when I'll know, that's when
When the cold wind starts to blow (5X)


Mishmash-11 song Cd released in October 2005
Single "Askin Why" released July 2006
Single "Threw It All Away" released August 2007

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Set List

All 11 songs on CD plus new songs "Askin Why" and "Threw It All Away".