Mossburg Duck

Mossburg Duck

BandHip Hop

The most Entertaining Man since 50 cent. the lyrical talent of jay z, and knowledge and power of 2pac and the sexapeal of LL cool J. I am the real representation of the DMV. I am the realest Artist in the Booth.


Born and raised in Dodge City (D.C and P.G County) a single child who was born into the fast paced street life. His whole influence is from the streets and life learned experiences. Repping the Ourside Pirahna Gang, Mossburg Duck is the most anticipated artist to come out of D.C . A new breed of rap artist, totally versatile with hardcore rapid fire flows. No one has repped this hard for D.C. A must here for all. Good usage of metaphors and punchlines. His style is slightly southern but in a class all by himself. He has all the tools a lable is looking for in a artist. Sex appeal, showmanship, good music, and overall talent!

Mossburg Duck has done many live shows with profession artist headlining such as:
Styles P
Beanie sigel
Memphis Bleek
Chris & Neef
Mike Jones
Mr. Cheeks


Gang In My Veines. mix tape
new singles:
Forever My Women
Walk it out
Sittin on 2/3's
Styrophome Cup
Lime Light