Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA

We are an up and coming jam band from the Northern New Jersey area. We blend elements of rock, funk, jazz fusion, and groove to create our own brand of sonic tunes, with living breathing improvisation; no song is ever the same. We guarantee to throw down because that's all we can and care to do.


We all grew up influenced by technical music, like Dream Theater, Steve Vai, and King Crimson, and melodic and improvisational based music like Phish, the Grateful Dead, Zappa, Talking Heads. We take those influences and combine technical precision and composed passages with fluid melodic progressions. Moss started a year and a half ago and has developed a diverse catalog of 20+ original pieces and have been playing in the NJ/NY Metro area. We try to bring our own blend of funk and jazz developed in combination with our strict rock upbringing, along with solid grooves that people can get down to. Our mission is simply to play music so fun and dirty you can't ignore it.
Bands we have played with(but not limited to):
Tea Leaf Green Dude Automatic
Turbine Bridges
Quimby Mountain Band
Space Puppets
The Jack

Set List

Our philosophy on performing live art is that no components should ever be the same, including the set list, length of the songs, etc...

We are however more than able to structure our set list to exactly our allotted performing time, based on your specifications.