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Most Hi-Fi

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Debuts : March 7, 2006 within the US

Video and Single release: "Let It Be" Febuary 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy



The name MOST Hi Fi, a name that's a combination of the term "Most High," the ultimate, the creator, the epitome of greatness in which the group strives for; and High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) which refers to the superior classic sound quality of music which was the standard in times past. Combined, you have MOST Hi-Fi. Most Hi-Fi is at the core a three member squad which includes the lyrical and production dynamism of MECCA and VEL, and Turntablist DJ FROST. MECCA serves as the Rebel of the group initiating thought provoking lyrics into every verse - putting his life, heart, soul and wisdom through clever, fire laced poetry. VEL is the southern hardcore B-Boy of the group representing the struggle of everyday life with the ability of releasing his experience through a creative, supernatural rhyme flow. While DJ FROST is accented by the three piece diverse MOST Hi-Fi band, who are a unique blend of personnel making up the live and studio backing beat and groove. To give MOST Hi-Fi a dynamic live sight and sound. Add female rapper Lady Payns' raspy blues dripped vocals, alongside vocal and visual contributions from associates to make a mix reminiscent of early Black Eye Peas, Arrested Development, and XClan -yet definitely a hip hop SLY and the Family Stone. The music of Everything's Gonna Be Alright :THE MOVIE can be described as revolutionary, hard hitting, thought provoking, uplifting, and innovative. It contains elements such as lyrical realism, live instrumentation, turntablism, classic hip hop, funk, beats, and organic soul. The clever, ingenious rhyme content is both relevant and entertaining; especially since the stories on the album happened to be a walk through of the MOST Hi-Fi's lives. Their self-filled Force Of Nature production team has produced music that has been causing a serious stir amongst the underground Atlanta scene throughout the past couple of years. Recorded in Atlanta's' SLAMjamz South Studios as well as the SLAMjamz North studios of The TEMPO and the ICEhouse, the expertise of Abnormal Dubose. cutting five stellar tracks with the group really forms a solid foundation for their sound. 'Pimp Or Preach' is a definite knock on religious hypocrisy and 'Get Hi' is a brilliant double entendre on the true ability to raise ones spirit with hip hop beats. 'No Hook' and the amazingly titled and penned 'Rhymin Insane On A Midnight Plane To Georgia' shows their multi - regional influenced rhyming skills. As required by SLAMjamz there's a riveting message track about incarceration, 'Badge Over Troubled Brothers' addressing it. Their ingrown production team of Force Of Nature polished gems with lead single Let It Be, Be Alright, and Paperchase. Even Hank Shocklee and Johnny 'Juice' Rosado lent their legendary Bomb Squadish services to this act. SLAMjamz South engineer-producer Triniti Coclough has lent sonic magic to these cats as well on the track Here We Go Now. The music has an appeal that will satisfy the thirst of true school hip hop enthusiast, as well as your common Hip Hop listener who just wants to hear some new, yet different scorching music. The goal of their music being underground, yet becoming relevant and entertaining to the vast mainstream on its own terms - a good look. The Debut Album could be history in the making. This squad has really come the distance to where it is today. True art in these times of die tryin to be rich, has few smiling upon it. This is why I really dig MOST Hi-Fi while still knowing they have A Long Way to where they wanna go.

-Chuck D of Public Enemy
C.E.O of SlamJamz Records
December 2005