Mostly Bears

Mostly Bears

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

Mostly Bears is one of Arizona's most promising bands with a sound that attracts fans of both harder prog rock and experimental indie rock. After releasing an EP in 2007, the band has unveiled their full length debut, The Ed Mitchell Clinic, which recently charted at #30 on CMJ's Top 200.


MOSTLY BEARS – 2008 was a good year for Mostly Bears!

The year's best concerts – Las Vegas Weekly January 2009
Spencer Patterson
1. Monotonix, March 8, Bunkhouse The Israelis' musical mayhem was memorable in its own right, but frontman Ami Shalev's outrageous antics ensured this night won't ever be forgotten. Most insane moment (among many): Shalev's emergence from the ladies' restroom with trash basket in hand and subsequent dumping of its grotesque contents over drummer Haggai Fershtman's head. Fershtman never broke rhythm.

Photo: Ryan Olbrysh
Justice at House of Blues
2. Justice, March 20, House of Blues
3. Mark Knopfler, June 26, The Joint
4. Akron/Family, April 20, Bunkhouse
5. Mostly Bears, July 1, Revolution - The Tucson, Arizona, trio painted its faces and shirtless torsos in glow-in-the-dark grease, then scared up some of the best modern prog this side of The Mars Volta.
6. Gogol Bordello, March 15, Canyon Club

Bio & stuff

Finalists in the 2008 Zig Zag/CMJ Live Contest, Mostly Bears have becoming a force to be reckoned with. With tons of critical acclaim, a national tour underway, and a first full-length album that made it to #30 on the CMJ charts, Mostly Bears have left the “local band from Tucson” label in the dust and are making an impact with their outstanding live shows and sparking personalities…

It doesn’t matter how or why Brian Lopez, Geoff Hidalgo and Nick Wantland met each other. What does matter is their transformation into the musical tour de force that is Mostly Bears.

Fireworks. Pounding drums. Unusual, shall we say, backing vocals and sounds in general. Perfectly rumbling bass lines. Chaotic and frenzied guitars played with aplomb. And over it all, the unique and undeniable voice of Brian Lopez.

Lead singer/guitar player Lopez is a bilingual traveler who spent a mysterious year in Barcelona doing unspeakably exotic things – or at least, that’s what we like to think. He’s also a champion swimmer and a hell of a snappy dresser. You should see him rock the extremely short shorts. But we digress. Known for his quick humor and skewed lyrics, Brian is a man who will never need auto-tune, for vocally he is a behemoth: growling, howling, crooning and velvet-toned when the mood strikes or the song beckons.

Nick Wantland, the lanky dervish behind the drums, is a former waif who turned down a chance to be Chanel’s first cross-dressing model so he could play with Mostly Bears. His winning smile and mellow demeanor often surprise people who have just witnessed him beating the drums like a madman. An internet entrepreneur, Nick is a keen businessman and budding real estate salesman who is always on the lookout for the perfect plaid polyester pants to prove it ... Oh, and he’s a hell of a tambourine smacker as well as the backbone of Mostly Bears.

Geoff Hidalgo, who manhandles the 4-fat-stringed/low-voiced guitar, is an enigma. He resembles Jesus so closely (at least, white peoples’ version of Jesus) that priests drop to their knees when they see him, tourists pay to have their picture taken with him and on Thursdays when the moon is full, he experiences stigmata. No one knows much about Geoff’s background. He just emerged one day from the desert south of Tucson, Levi’s faded and clinging, scuffed desert boots, Ray Bans shielding a far-off look in his eye ... Oh, and he’s a smokin’ bass player as well.

From the beginning, the chemistry and talent that makes up Mostly Bears has been undeniable. Much like the explosion that happens when you throw an aerosol can into a fire, a Mostly Bears show might just singe your hair off. Well, your eyebrows at the very least. Enjoy.

“…vital, powerful and undeniable.” – Stranded in Stereo

“…among the top indie bows of the past decade.” – Creative Loafing

“Chillingly raw ... astonishingly sophisticated ... Whether you want to be there from the start or just hear decent tunes, you should find a way to get this album.” – Arizona Daily Wildcat

“Adventurous and never boring, Mostly Bears have stirred up a hornet’s nest of buzz.” –

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Only Child EP 2007 Funzalo Records
The Ed Mitchell Clinic 2008 Funzalo Records
Bus Stop - Single - 2009 Funzalo Records
Team Spirits: Live at Club Congress 2009 - Funzalo Records

Set List

A 45- 60 minute sonic assault that makes you dance and puts you in a really good mood! sometimes they bust out an Amy Winehouse cover and they do a killer version of The Hollies Bus Stop, but mostly it's all original Mostly Bears desert space rock.