MO Stompin'

MO Stompin'

 Columbia, Missouri, USA
BandHip Hop

Presenting raw energy on stage that hasn't been seen in the hip hop community in years, MO Stompin' is here to stay. They provide listeners with a refreshing and alternative voice not commonly heard in the music world. Catchy hooks paired with intelligent verses and unorthodox flows.


Meeting by pure chance at the University of Missouri, these three gentlemen discovered they had a talent for making music.
Creating their own beats they look to spread their creative style throughout the country.
Consisting of Samuel P, JBKC, and Bones they decided to pair their unique set of tongues with a unique set of drums.
They have built a growing fan base with their high-energy and frenetic shows.
They recently released their fourth project, 'Lost In The Woods II' creating a buzz throughout the midwest.
MO Stompin' has performed with artists such as thePhantom*, It's The Dean's List, and Wale.


The Evergreen Forest released June 2010
Lost In The Woods Mixtape released September 2010
The Annexation Of Puerto Rico released June 2011
Lost In The Woods II "I Like Berries and Anything Hairy"

Set List

NO Sleep*
Beem It Up
Buzz Lightyear*
MO Stompin' Grounds*
Clocked In*
*All songs originally by MO Stompin'