Most Thieves

Most Thieves

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Sometimes you have to steal your life back. Break out of the prison of expectations, walk deep into the forrest of doubt, light a match and burn it down. Our paths are littered with the doors of oppertunity. The trick is to pick the locks and open the doors.
For Most Thieves, that first door was a chance reunion of friends at a small coffee house in downtown Las Vegas. Eric Koch(singer/songwritter/guitarist) wasn't even supposed to be there when Rob Whitted(drums) and Bobby Lee Parker(guitar) walked in. He had planned to meet a friends band across the street to watch their sound check, but when they were delayed he found himself with time to kill. About an hour into the evening, Whitted turned his attention away from the larger group of friends that had amassed around several tables and on to Koch. He asked if Koch had been playing music with anyone.
"not really. The usual suspects i guess. I kinda stopped. I've been working on a book." came Koch's reply.
Music, and Whitted, would not release their hooks just yet.
"who's your drummer?" pressed Whitted.
" I don't have one."
"Yes you do. Who's our bass player?"
And so it began. The lock was picked.
Three days later the core of the group, now fully including Parker on guitar, was in a borrowed rehearsal space knocking out the first of what would become their signature ethereal rock songs. Over the next few months they released seven singles. The response was enthusiastic and widespread. They were quickly invited to play a three night residency at the Cosmoplitan's Book and Stage. They are to date the only Las Vegas natives to recieve that honor. It was over those three nights that their reverberated fuzz soaked passion plays of a live show began to take shape. two hours a night of bleeding, sweating, and pleading to the heavens to carry their sound waves as far as they could resonate. Soon after, long time friend Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers asked the Thieves to join his new band Big Talk for several shows in the Southwest and UK. The response over seas was so positive that the band would return a second time on their own within the year. Lock number two, sorted.
It was a fast paced humbling begining, but the real story here was the songs. More than sixty of them populated Koch's ever expanding notebooks. Soaring, powerful heartfelt songs delivered with dense lyrical concepts and passion of heart. Stories of being tethered to the past as you fight for the future. Stories of mistakes and forgiveness, fires and floods, ghosts and blood and the grasp of love. It was time to move beyond the rapid fire delivery of the singles and onto something more akin to the bands orchestral dynamic live shows. To help capture the bands essence in the recordings, Koch turned to friend and musician Eric Rickey. They started with a new song that had been finished in England,"The Only Map You Need". Lyricly quit fitting for how well the session would turn out. It was better than the band had dreamed. Within a week Rickey was not only asked to record the rest of the record but also to join the band on keyboard and third guitar duties. Another puzzle piece found it's place. Over the next five months Koch, Rickey, Whited and Parker maticulasly sculpted the songs that were to become "Unnecasary Maps". They chased down every sound and moment until it was right. They called in friends when help was needed. Mark Stromer(the Killers) and John Spiker(Tenacious D, Big Talk, Filter) picked up most of the bass guitar duties while the women of Las Vegas' Dusty Sunshine and Corlene Byrd of the Corlene Machine combined their voices with that of Koch and Rickey to create the choir that floats in and out of the record like a river. When all was said and done, twelve songs stood out like the tall trees in a deep forrest. Twelve stories of mistakes and forgiveness, fires and floods, ghosts and blood and the grasp of love. Door number three clicked open.
When it came time to release the record Most Thieves decided to return to England for a short tour culminating in a release party in Edinbourgh Scotland. Without an official bass player the band turned to friend and multi intrumentalist Trevor Hurley. Trevor lived in England and had loaned the guys equipment for their Big Talk tour. It seemed like a good oppertunity to connect and spend time with their talented friend. It took about 30 seconds into their first song to realize that the last puzzle peice had fallen into place. They had no idea how they would make it work but work it has.
Three weeks after the rest of the band had returned from England they recieved a phone call. They where asked to open for The Killers in Toronto in six days. The band reunited in Canada with no time to rehearse and walked on stage in front of three thousand people. It was the best set they had played to date. After that nights success it was announced that the band would again support the Killers, but this time in their mutual home town at the Cosmopo



Written By: Eric Koch

I don't need a fire to keep this spark alive
I don't need the darkness to see the light
I don't need blood on my hands to know wrong from right
I don't need a fire to keep this spark alive

I don't need smelling salts to open my eyes
I don't need sinking ships to raise the rising tide
I don't need to lose everything to have something to find
I don't need to bury myself to have a mountain to climb

I don't need a fire to keep this spark alive
but I've got a fire that will burn until the day I die

Muscle Memory

Written By: Eric Koch

when the weight comes down
as the words fail the sounds
in a circle of defection
when you've lost all direction
buried in your crippling codes
all roads lead to Rome
a system in the architecture
to reduce the pressure

It's muscle memory
the little things that we repeat
when repetition lacks resistance

living like pins in a map
where we been we're going back
even if we know it's better
to shake the patterns
watching our ghosts rule the roads
watching our hands slip their holds
lying in a bed of excuses
building walls and lighting fuses

It's muscle memory
the little things that we repeat
when repetition lacks resistance
as the wolves close the distance
if heart stops listening

Salt Lake City

Written By: Eric Koch

If our mistakes are an anchor tied to our feet
then forgiveness becomes the shoreline out of reach
if the years are the teether than anger is a sword
and our friends are a choir singing,"love moves forward"

What is a life without forgiveness?

"You know we've been down this road before?"
and I said, "Yes, we've been down this road before."
"Then we know how this one ends 'cause we've seen how it begins"
"Maybe there was something that we were missing before. Maybe there's
a road up ahead that we just weren't looking for."


"Unnecessary Maps"

Set List

All original music set between 1/2 an hour to 2 hours. From full electric rock show to intimate atmospheric sets(in the same vein as say Beach House).