Mothabones Intergalactic

Mothabones Intergalactic

 New York City, New York, USA

Bridging the gaps between therapeutic modalities and sound, Mothabones Intergalactic takes you on a journey to explore the inner and outer worlds of existence, creating a future where all species of life can exist in utilitarian sanctuary. International galactic blues brings hope to dreams.


Mothabones Intergalactic transversed the globe, gathering stories from experience that she transmuted into sound. Inner and outer experiences are crafted into sound (galactic blues lullabies) order to promote local, regional, global, galactic healing to the core. She is one of the top performers in the world that uses her music as a vehicle to promote change, awareness and a vehicle for action. She plays from small venues to large stadiums, including performing healing rituals, one on one to large groups. She is one of the emerging voices of the future and uses her experiences and educational training in holisitic practices such as cranialsacral, flowervibrations, dance and movement/music. Her funds go to benefit animal, women and children in various need of assistance, including holistic health modalities!!!!!


Its been a long journey

Written By: Rebecca Greenberg/aka mothabones incorporated

It been a long journey.
I am bound up and need release.
Can you help me lock and key?

How can I decide my fate?
If you make the choice for me.
Sorrow hearts turn sweet.
Unravel and reconnect me.

I am dying for you to say,
Welcome to life.
I am dying to cry in relief.
Water me, in fluidity.

Children of the night.
Let your spirits shine.
Wash your hands,
of the crimes,
in the light (3x).


Mothabones Intergalactic also does spoken word and speaks on international human and animal rights...She also does mulit-media shows, including interactive ones. She is science-fiction fantasy of past-present-and future.

Set List

SEt list of around 25 songs, chosen set list specifically for each venue, context and time frame. Can also just play the piano with or without lyrics if more appropriate for the situation, as in hospital settings, dinner parties, art and health shows.