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"...Motherboard is the next New York band you'll see make it big."

"Their sound is so genuine and prosaic in the naturally flowing witticisms about ordinary life that you automatically feel an almost personal connection with the musicians through their music."

Rachel DeLetto - Good Times Magazine


Motherboard, "Soviet", 2006 (EP)
Motherboard, "The Breakfast Sessions" 2005 (EP)
Motherboard, "Motherboard" 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


When Adam was fifteen, he walked over to Joe’s house and asked him if he wanted to start a band. “I was the only kid in town who could play ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ on guitar,” says Joe. They wanted to call themselves “The Unspoken Few”… “We had pretty good taste in bands and pretty bad taste in band names back then,” says Adam. “Still do.” says Harvey. Reconnected after college, and after a number of odd jobs and no jobs, Adam and Joe found Harvey through the Village Voice and finally, after countless auditions, Mel was eagerly chosen to round out the bunch. The four got together in late 2003 at the Music Building in New York City and a small studio in Queens to lay down the foundations of a new sound… enter Motherboard. Before long they were playing the New York downtown scene in places like Arlene Grocery, The Luna Lounge, Don Hill’s and CBGB's to an ever-increasing fan base. A four-song demo quickly followed, recorded over a few nights in Harvey’s basement. After sending the demo out to a few friends… and a few friends of friends, Adam got an unexpected call from MTV. The boys were asked to write and perform songs for the network’s popular show MADE. 'The Girl Who Has Everything' became the theme song to one of their episodes. Soon Motherboard was receiving more emails than they could handle from MTV viewers and podcast listeners from around the globe. Their self titled album has since sold out (and been restocked!) at Tower, Best Buy and CD and as of December 5, 2005 they are most requested Artist on 104.7 and 90.3 FM Rock Radio LA. Asked to comment on their recent good luck, Mel says; "Just wait until 2006." On stage together, you’ll see and hear: vocalist/songwriter Adam Blockton beating up on his guitar while spitting out scathing lyrics like “When I started sinking it was her retarded thinking that we both could learn from this phase, I never liked her too much anyways.” Lead guitarist Joe Tamagna, playing with a purity and originality so overwhelming (if you see him play a traditional guitar chord at a show, you’re probably at the wrong show) you can’t help but cheer as he makes every note count. Drummer Harvey Neil beating his drums with passion and precision, looming like a mystery, his quiet enthusiasm resembling a secret someone may or may not let you in on; and bassist Melvin Lee expertly plucking his bass as a swagger comes over his body and a smile comes over his face... The boy’s influences range anywhere and everywhere from The Modern Lovers, The Pixies, and The Clash, to Nirvana, U2 and Themselves. “When we first started out, we knew there was a great balance and that we had a unique sound. Really, from the first note we knew,” says Harvey. If you’ve never been to a Motherboard show or heard a Motherboard song, to hear them is like hearing yourself in the band you always wanted to start when you were a kid. You hear yourself in them. To see them is to see you up on the stage. They represent the passion, the jubilance and the rockstar that’s in all of us.