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Mother Culture


Band Alternative Rock


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Singles Include "Hanging on Like Lemmings" and "Sold Your Voice"



I know what you’re thinking – another long drawn out band bio written entirely in third person in order to create “hype,” whatever that means. Well, I hope this isn’t that bio and we’re not that band. I promise not to use words like “incendiary” or “seminal.” Except that one time.

So this whole idea started between Justin and myself (Nick) while we were sharing a house in Omaha. It was clear really early on that this band couldn’t just be a band in the typical sense of the word. It wasn’t a “get laid quick” scheme or a soapbox for us to preach from. I think we both agreed without ever saying a word that this was a good way to exchange our ideas and talent with the greater world in a meaningful way.

Somewhere along the way Justin met Jess. I think at that time I was living in Washington D.C. as an environmental activist of sorts. When I returned to Omaha it became obvious that the pieces were slowly falling into place. The first time the three of us jammed the early song concepts for the first time I remember thinking how seamlessly we were connected. After writing and traveling for what seemed like forever we all somehow ended up in Iowa, where through a series of strange coincidences I met Josh, who had just moved back from NYC and shared a similar taste regarding art and music. Danny, a longtime friend of Justin’s offered to play bass and all the pieces were set.

So what’s with the name? Well, definitively a mother culture is a term for an early people and their culture, with great and widespread influence on later cultures and people. Though the original culture may fade, the mother culture's influence grows for ages in the future. Later civilizations either learn and build upon their old ways, or can learn them through peaceful or military assimilation. The term was taken from the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

For us though, its about learning and sharing the ideas around us in order to affect the world in a positive way. Today it seems a lot of people’s energy is spent creating neurotic problems because they are convinced the universe is out to get them. This isn’t a band so much as it is a community, and though we’re just a few friends right now, collectivly our ideas can change the world. If you like our music, share it, if you want to hear our ideas ask us, and most of all, pick up a book.

-Nick/Mother Culture