Mother Earth's Goodtime Band

Mother Earth's Goodtime Band

 West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA

Mother Earths Good Time Band is an organically and electrically charged entity that consists of epic jams and funky grooves that last as long as needed. Cheers!


Mother Earths Good Time Band was formed when Patro (a dead head and phish phanatic)and Curt (also a dead head and phish phanatic) decided to sit down together and play a few tunes on acoustic guitars. The whole idea rolled into an actual being and band members came and went until Chaddy (also a dead head and phish phanatic) came for a jam session one day. It was instant brotherhood as Chaddy's lead enveloped into the music like it had been there all along. All the music just fell into place as the 4 musicians finally felt like they were playing on the same level, and mind set, that they each had been searching for.
M.E.G.T.B. plays shows all around the Pittsburgh,PA area and they are recording their first album spring 2011.

Set List

We have approx. 20 original songs and they vary in style and sound, mostly landing in the Funky rock groove genre.
For Covers:
Grateful Dead: Scarlet>Fire, Franklins Tower, Mr. Charlie, Deep Elum Blues, Althea, Bertha, Dark Star, to name a few..
Phish: Gumbo, Tweezer, Wolfmans Bro., Sample in a Jar, Dirt, Sparkle, to name a few...
Allman Brothers Band: Southbound, One Way Out
The Band: The Weight
CCR: Born on the Bayou, Fortunate Son
We have a bunch of other classic rockish songs in our bag of tricks as well as a couple of old school funk goodies! We have enough material to play for hours. Most of our bar gigs go from 9:30pm to 1:30am with two short set breaks.