Mother Electric

Mother Electric


"Gnash your teeth and spit out the shards. Mother Electric is bringing back the gritty art form of rock n' roll. No bells, no whistles, no haircuts, just guitars, last calls, and the dawning genesis of rock music being what it should be." --MP


Chuck Berry's piano player, legend, Johnnie Johnson, put his arm on our drummer, Jeff, and said, "I won't be here much longer, boy, you need to keep the music alive." We have all embraced this as a call to arms. We are doing it for Johnnie and everyone else before us, and most importantly, for the people.

We rock not to seek fame, rather because we have to. We have not chosen Rock N' Roll, it chose us, we have merely submitted ourselves to it and take the time to hear its calls. Its forces floating through the ether have found each of us and have driven us together. We are another link in the chain.

We carry on our shoulders now the passions and will of those that have come before us and soldier with us to create Rock n' Roll in its purest form. We do not think about playing Rock N' Roll music we simply open our mind's eye and allow it to drive us forward.

If you want us to come play in your living room or local club let us know, we will. If you don't understand what we are trying to do, let us know, we will teach you. If you have a case of beer that you just can't finish, let us know, we will finish it. If you are musically lost in a world where crazy dance beats have your head spinning, let us know and we will show you the ways of rock music.

Rock N' Roll saves lives and possesses souls. We, Mother Electric are one of many vessels to sail it's rocky seas never to arrive, only to move forward weathering storm after storm.


Demo 2008
March 2009-7'' Single Series:#1 "Sex"
June 2009-7'' Single Series: #2 "Drugs"
Septenmber 2009- 7'' Single Series:#3 "Rock N' Roll"

Set List

Boy From Pittsburgh
Oh Evil Me
Heart In A Window
Three Way Death Play
Slick Spindle
Dead End Street(cover)
Daddy Rolling Stone(standard)

Our Set as of now runs 45 minutes