Mother Falcon

Mother Falcon

 Austin, Texas, USA

Mother Falcon can be best described as a small symphony that fuses classical and modern sounds to create fresh Baroque pop gems. Featuring soaring vocal harmonies over a union of strings, brass, and percussion, Mother Falcon fits comfortably into any venue, whether it be a club or concert hall.


Mother Falcon was founded by Nick Gregg and two other cellists in a high school practice room. From there, the youngsters graduated high school and began amalgamating a variety of other talented musicians. Soon, the trio grew to a mini-orchestra, featuring its own cello, violin, and brass sections along with guitar, accordion, drums, and many other instruments. Atop the instruments, Nick Gregg lends his voice along with Claire Puckett (guitar) and Tamir Kalifa (accordion) to create soaring vocal harmonies. Though Mother Falcon traverses multiple genres, they have often been described as "chamber pop" and have been compared to the likes of Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, and Sufjan Stevens.

Mother Falcon performing "Kathryn":
Mother Falcon performing "Fireflies":


Still Life EP - Released Feb 2010
Alhambra - Released Feb 2011
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Set List

Typical Set List (Runtime: 45mins - 1hr)
1. Intro
2. Her Radiant Limb
3. Tokyo Rose
4. Marigold
5. To Mama
6. Rabbit Run
7. Fire Flies
8. Kathryn
9. Serpent Tongues
10. For Papa
11. Faint Green Light
12. Alligator Teeth