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Mother Leads

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Alternative




"Mother Leads - Single Review"

Mother Leads - It's A Feeling (Voodoo Records)

There's something about three hairy men in a small just rocking out with every sinew in their body and it's something I'm almost always drawn to - you can draw your own conclusions from that. Mother Leads are one such band and although they are not the hairiest I've ever seen they certainly like to rock hard in small rooms (judging from the video). New single 'It's A Feeling' is pitched somewhere between Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters with a dangerous tendency to veer a little close to sounding a bit like Nickleback. Nevertheless, the riffs are nice and big, the drums are pounding and the vocals are generally rasping so on the whole I approve. Rock on lads, rock on.

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"Indie Vault - Mother Leads"

What the world needs now, besides love, is good ol' rock n' roll...with a 90's vibe- at least that was my first impression upon hearing Ajax, Ontario's Mother Leads. I was brought back to my younger years, watching old Soundgarden and Nirvana videos on MTV, along with the fierceness of the Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age. - Tina, Buzznet

"Mother Leads"

Mother Leads self-titled demo is, in a word, idealistic. This idealism is notable, as it takes a special breed to make music in 2010 with influences largely taken from the former half of the last 40 years, and yet still create something with any degree of originality. While the record is in fact a demo, no song writing quality is lost in the process of the bands first recording. It’s no surprise that these guys have been playing under the moniker for three years, but the lack of content is criminal.

Mother Leads takes a huge nod to the likes of Kyuss, Pearl Jam, and even Foo Fighters, while effectively peppering in Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and quite a few more acts that these guys parents’ are too young to have even seen. Yet unlike the aforementioned influences Mother Leeds almost sound empty at certain points, it is as if the band needs to employ and utilize a rhythm guitar player, if not only to create a proper stage for swelling guitars and other on stage goodies that come with the territory. But considering this is their first recorded output, I’m not entirely surprised that they haven’t shaken out all the edges yet.

The individual members themselves are able to showcase their talent without fighting for the attention of the listener, which is an easy way for a band to lose focus of a song. I suppose chemistry is the key word here. These guys have talent beyond their years; hopefully they’re around long enough to realize that. - Patrick McEachnie

"A Priori: bands going beyond experience"

Experimental garage rock. This three piece who shares a drum with the next band was impressive. The band let the instruments speak for themselves allowing the bass player to shine alongside the sleazy guitar workings of the lead vocalist. Mother Leads were really able to get the crowd pumped and remained in control at all times. The clear stand-out of the night as a well-practiced and extremely tight band. The two elements that made this particular band standout was the use of noise rock elements into their set and the vocalist’s voice that sounded like a lower toned Matthew Good with a bit of grit. - Post Post Hardcore

"Mother Leads"

Mother Leads has generated a loyal and powerful army of fans. With their raw energy, passion, determination and commitment, they’ve proven time and time again that they truly are a force to be reckoned with - PRODUCT Magazine / Lexy Robidoux

"Rock of all ages"

I saw Mother Leads play for the 1st time at my daughter’s friend’s 19th birthday party at a local Ajax bar a couple of years ago. As a classically trained musician who has played professionally since the late 1970’s and the drum teacher of a young Stevo who went on to play for the band Sum 41 I recognize raw talent when I see it. Ray, Carson and Neil of Mother Leads produce hard rocking music, tight instrumentals, and great story telling lyrics and a powerful stage show that I would recommend to any one who loves to rock to go see. I look forward to their first full album in the spring of 2012. - errol sarpkaya


'Myriad' LP - August 2014

'The Red' EP - October 2010

'Mother Leads' EP - November 2009



Powered by hard biting, melodic hooks and driven by big riffs and brick-house drumming, Mother Leads is shaping up to be one of the next great Canadian hard-rock bands.

Originating from the sacred, suburban grounds of Ajax, Ontario, long time friends Neil Culbert and Raymond Cara formed Mother Leads in November 2008. In the next two years, the band released two EPs (“Self Titled” in 2009 & “The Red EP” in 2010) and performed dozens of shows across Ontario and Quebec. It wasn’t until June 2013 when a band member change caused bassist Jordan Quinn to join the band, which ended up advancing the sound that the band has been developing over the years.

Mother Leads released their first LP, “Myriad” in August 2014. The album has sold hundreds of copies across Canada and has been played on various Canadian, US, and European college and Internet radio stations. Roland Monger from Mingle Music said “the new single ‘It’s A Feeling’ is pitched somewhere between Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters”. Mother Leads is currently planning a cross-Canada tour for Spring/Summer 2015 and is writing some new music along the way.

The coming together of these talented musicians is said to have been predetermined by a higher cause, but more importantly is why it remains a force: to keep rock n’ roll alive and well.

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