Mother Morton Moses

Mother Morton Moses


Singer/Songwriter Leah Quinn lifts up more than your spirits with her jazzy janice joplin-type voice. Her insightful lyrics are pro-American and pro-freedom while her unique guitar plucking and harmonica playing makes for grooving tunes reminding you of the 60's due to their simple production style.


Leah Quinn's influences are many - hendrix, janice joplin, beatles, dylan, joni mitchell, marley and neil young among many others. Her songs on love and peace reflect her inheritence of these influences. Working the audience with ease, her songs are catchy without being obvious. Her harmonica playing sets her apart from most pair of lungs- she can really blow. She in fact just came back from Ft. Worth Texas where she was hired to play for a Large Vendor at Nascar.


Love Me Now

Written By: Leah Quinn

I've been thinking about you way too long.
I'm been trying to understand when I know its wrong.
You don't give me much notice or care.
Do you think I'd use you or wouldn't play fair?
Man of man, I dream of you.
And not even when I want to.
All's I want to do, is hear from you, that message of love from me to you:

Love me now, love me today, love me tomorrow to love me forever and a day.
Love me now, love me today, love me tomorrow and love me forever and a day.

I think I have loved you from the very start.
Left way to soon, confused as a loon
took our lonely selves out to save us from ruin.
But man of man, I've been a bruisin'
all's I'm feeling that rough rauckous (sp?) feeling i'm losin'.
I'm losing my heart to you and all's I want to do is say this message of love right to you.

...back to chorus, end.


To hear her music you may visit:
she can also be heard on Divaliscious Radio at Her CD "A Peace For All" was released last year on the indie label: Divaliscious Records - lately her song" Make Love Not War" is number 35 out of 1000 songs in the Acoustic Folk charts.

Set List

Typical sets last anywhere from 45 minutes to hour and a half. When playing covers, we play anything from Dylan, Young, Led Zep, Hendrix, Marley and Joplin.