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Music (Scale of 1-10)

Music - 8
Songwriting - 8
Lyrics - 8
Production - 10
Vocals - 8
Marketability - 8

Total Music Score = 85%

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Artist / Band Name - 9
Artist Photography - 9
CD Artwork - 9

Image Marketability - 8
Total Marketability Score = 85%
Current Overall Package Score = 92%

Reviewed by A&R dept

Music Comments: Mother Nature's "Phoenix" is the first wildly hard track on "Exile From the Shadows", a metal mix with Irish punk thrown in for good measure. Hard guitar, cool vocals make the track zing! Other songs of note are the self-titled "Mother Nature" (perhaps ode to Bad Company) and the off the beaten path ballad, "Sea of Moods". A talented band bringing it in many ways, all successfully so.

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Exile From The Shadows (album)



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Mother Nature is from Ontario, Canada, whose members include Preston (lead vocals/guitar), Rocky (lead guitar), Alex (bass) and Yo (drums). The band was formed in 2007 under a different name but eventually came to be called Mother Nature.
In March 2011 Mother Nature released their debut CD “Exile from the Shadows” which exploded onto the rock scene and quickly became an audience favorite. Their lead single “Sea of Moods” who’s theme is about freedom, rocketed to the top of the charts with its melodic ballad. This song has a clearly defined change-up right in the middle which kicks it up a notch but still maintains the core rhythm. It’s done so beautifully and with such definition. It demonstrates the vocal dramatics that they use to drive home a moment or a scene. It is also representative to the versatility of this group and their music, giving audiences an experience of a lifetime. From hard rock, heavy guitar, raw vocals, in-your-face thunderous music to a mellower, clearly uniquely different rhythm, Mother Nature does what mother nature does. One only needs to listen to a few songs to capture what they are delivering; incredible guitar riffs, the melodies and beats with lyrical genius.
“Exile from the Shadows” is currently available at all HMV stores and on iTunes.
Mother Nature is also working on local radio airplay and has have been playing shows and events in and around their region. This is not that type of group that you can contain for long. Their music is more powerful than the region in which they live. The eruption is inevitable, causing havoc and excitement all over the world. This is Mother Nature in their true form.
You can listen to and/or purchase their music on any of the following websites: (Search: Mother Nature)

- A&R Select writing team, Hollywood, CA