Mother Nature's Son

Mother Nature's Son


Raw with emotion, Mother Nature's Son combines Folk, Rock, and Blues idioms, to create an authentic artistic vision that focuses on societal issues and the human condition.


Besides playing in a band that formed and broke up within half a year, Noah Kain spent the majority of his music career performing and recording on his own under the name The Solo Years. It was easier to coordinate band rehearsals that way, and besides, he was going for minimalistic experimentations, so a one-man setting was ideal, various instruments abound.
But last year, he began gravitating toward duos, while trying to produce a fuller sound without the use of looping. His first outfit, Mother Nature's Son, was acoustic, with him on guitar and lead vocals and Alex Phillips, a former bandmate, on cello. Kain wrote most of their material, and the two of them recorded an album in April. But after Phillips spent the summer teaching English in Peru, he had a change of heart.

That's not to say Kain lost his vision.

Instead, he picked up another former bandmate (from the same, short-lived band), Dan Kolevatov -- who plays drumset. Kain switched to electric guitar (so he could be heard) and found that the songs translated well, and the collaboration in general was a good fit. This band, retaining the name Mother Nature's Son, is, in a sense, The Solo Years turned up a notch -- amplified, literally and figuratively.

"Songs got a little louder and dirtied up," Kain said, sitting in jeans and a flannel shirt at his parents' house in downtown Emmitsburg recently.

Amid recording equipment in the home studio, Kain, 22, was quick to smile as he told about his transitions through bands and material over the past handful of years. He grew up in the small town and learned music early on from his father, a lifelong pianist, though Kain has since moved to Baltimore and currently attends Stevenson University.

Some version of Mother Nature's Son has played Charm City Arts Space, Recher Theatre, Joe Squared, 2640 Space and venues in Philadelphia and New York. Next Thursday, they will play the Ottobar in Baltimore, and they'll be at Asylum in Washington, D.C., on April 8.

"People definitely shy away from music without any drums," Kain admitted, reminiscing about his days performing with Phillips on cello.

Still, when the band was acoustic, they found their niche within the Baltimore folk scene, and there was a good support network for getting shows, whereas now, "there's not really a scene we fit into," he said.

Although Kain and Kolevatov are plugged in, and their songs cross styles and genres, there is an undeniably folkie feel to their collaboration.

"Dan has this ability to sound like he's two drummers," Kain said. "And he has a really good musical knowledge."

Their song "Calm Your Soul" has a heavy sound with deep, trudging drums, bringing to mind a cross between The Doors' "My Wild Love" chant and Floyd's darker "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" -- musically, anyway, with a few lighter breaks.

They share harmonies on "Hold On," a somber, droning take on a girl. "Long ago, she was a dreamer," he sings, and then they fade into the chorus: "Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on."

In the revved up "Famous Hats," they dubbed an acoustic guitar over the electric, resulting in a country feel. Kain's voice is a little bit Dylan in the song, inspired by the phrase "theater of war," read in a magazine at Barnes & Noble, where he works. I can't stand to look at the theater of war, he sings.

"The song is all about these false hopes and promises that were fed while all this play of bombing was going on.

His songs aren't all political, but, like "Famous Hats," most of the lyrics are derived from various lines and words that catch Kain's attention.

"I have this list on my computer of phrases and sentences that I'll put together," he said. "Or I make up words to songs sometimes throughout the day. I just stuff my pockets with it."

Kain released his first Mother Nature's Son self-titled album last year with Phillips and will release his first with Kolevatov this spring. Two of the songs on the new release are revamped from their former acoustic states to fit the new lineup. The rest are new. Songs are written and sung by Kain except "Baby Girl," an acoustic blues tune with Kolevatov leading.

The material may start with Kain, but Kolevatov, who lives in Westminster, brings a whole new dimension to what would otherwise be a continuation of The Solo Years.

"Dan is more proficient on drums," Kain said and laughed. "And live, I'd use harmonica to try to add another aspect, but unless you're really ridiculous, like Bob Brozman, who plays drums by beating on his guitar -- I can't really do that.

"And I like collaborating. It expands the creative pool," he continued. "Me and Dan are always very much on the same page," Kain said. "If we get a bassist, we have to find a person who can add something but not disrupt that."

They've considered adding a third musician -- preferably a bassist -- but they're going to be choosy, willing to wait it out for the right person.



Calm Your Soul

Written By: Noah Rubeling-Kain

Great holy desire
Can you build me up another fire?

Sheep hurdle my head
while numbers roll next to my bed

Will you calm your soul?

Thoughts crawl out my mind
the first few steps fall out of line

Mad so it seems
you never get what you need

Will you calm your soul?

Hold On

Written By: Noah Rubeling-Kain

The land of no myth
Holds many strangers
I am one
But I cannot save her

She is lost
No-one can find her
Long ago
She was a dreamer

Hold On

She fights on
Searching for meaning
Is it there
Or is it fleeting?

Fragments of
Echoing laughter
Drag her down
Beneath the plaster

Hold On

It's Hard To Find You

Written By: Noah Rubeling-Kain

It's hard to find you
in times like these
all your ambitions
creating dreams
you'll be living tomorrow
no you don't live today
take it easy boy
you don't have to throw it all away

you've been hurt by passion
you've been hurt by lust
every love you've had
has been a bust
she'll be with you tomorrow
I know she ain't there now
if you got to cry boy go ahead and let it out

caught in a vaccum
made out of doubt
you feel bulletproof
but you can't shout
you think you're some sage
but you're just some kid
it don't really matter
you can only do what you did

you don't travel in circles
or in a line
you just meander
as if you're blind
when you get where you're going
I hope you stay
I know you always get a feeling
like you've got to run away

She's sitting there waiting
to busy for you
but she's got what you've been looking for too
and I hope that this time
you realize that
cause if you leave her now she'll be gone when you get back

Tired Of Fighting

Written By: Noah Kain

If you're running late
slow down
If you've arrived
get a move on
you'll pay the crime
but for now
you are a cigarette
that's burning out my lungs
dropping ashes on my mind
playing tricks with your words
they wind up when you don't want them to

And I'm tired of fighting
Just like the rest of the world

These words are empty
winter limbs
I should have told you
they were dreams behind the curtains
seeking out inspiration
crawling back into the caves
where this silence only grows
the dead don't feel old at all
the young child he ain't living
while his hands must mend the soil

And I'm tired of fighting
Just like the rest of the world

I got to go
I got to take control
I got to know
If it's worth it to you

Cause I'm tired of fighting
Just like the rest of the world

Famous Hats

Written By: Noah Kain

Tell me
What do you have for me today?
Dreamseller, dreamseller

All the rainy women
have tears falling down their faces
we're all outlaws
but we don't know it

And I can't stand to look at
the theatre of war
these are famous hats
that we must fill

There's an old polluter
standing on my country road
and he's trying
to turn himself into a king

it's days like today
i wish i was an old man
forgetting all my problems
out at sea

And I can't stand to look at
the theatre of war
these are famous hats
that we must fill

Baltimore O, Baltimore

Written By: Noah Kain

Baltimore O, Baltimore
Harbor town that's home to me
Please don't fire your guns tonight
I'm expecting company

Baltimore O, Baltimore
Pretty city by the shore
Put away your heroin
I'm expecting company

You've tidied your boots
You've buttoned your shirt
You've combed up your hair
But you still look hurt
Not even the nighttime can serve as a mask
The bellhop gets questions about your past

The host fills your glass
You say to the brim
You take one sip
And say fill it again
You're running on empty
Just like your car
And everybody knows
You won't get that far

Baltimore O, Baltimore
Eastern port where I was born
Take me back to your infancy
I'm expecting company

Baltimore O, Baltimore
Your neutral soil is no more
Please don't speak a word tonight
I'm expecting company

The hors d'oeuvres fill you plenty
But dinner awaits
In half an hour
You're led to your place
You block out the small talk with the food you are served
And stuff you're own face so your voice can't get herd

Out from the freezer
Dessert is pulled
Once again you oblige
Not to look like a fool
Your arteries clog sending you to the loo
Spewing yourself to friends you barely knew

Baltimore O, Baltimore
Your song is full of heresy
Please don't make me a heretic
I'm expecting company

Baltimore O, Baltimore
The man on the moon looks awful bored
Please don't say goodnight to me
I'm expecting company


Written By: Noah Rubeling-Kain

I watch thunder roll rain
Onto the white bark
As new horns break a 100 year silence
Work boy
Work boy
Work boy

O, the world is a heavenly place
Full of peace prosperity and thunder

There's a flood in the creek
Inside of your mind
The levees are breaking down on the front line
Work boy
Work boy
Work boy

O, the world is a heavenly place
Full of peace prosperity and thunder

Life's not like
It used to
Be when you were young

These clear skies
Are turning to
Dark storm clouds

Put your hand in cave
to feel for the ground
Put your hand in the cave
to feel for the ground


Mother Nature's Son- Mother Nature's Son (CD 10 tracks 40 min RK Records (self-release))

Set List

Our typical set list is 40-45mins long and includes the following:
Calm Your Soul
All I Knew
Famous Hats
Hold On
Baltimore, O Baltimore
Wizard Powers
Tired Of Fighting

Two coves are usually thrown into the mix. One towards the beginning and one towards the end of the set. They are normally either a Blues Standard or a lesser known song by a well known contemporary artist.