Mother Of Six

Mother Of Six


"This band is an enigma!". BRUCE DICKINSON - IRON MAIDEN/BBC6MUSIC This band has a pristine sound; totally shimmering stuff that unloads as many heavy grooves as it does pop oriented, shimmering moments. Bad Acid "the finest rock recording I can recall coming out of North Wales." BBC RADIO WALES



It’s early March, off-season in the Mediterranean holiday resort of L’escala, perched right on the seafront the whole town is deserted and being battered by a biblical hurricane force wind the locals call ‘Tramuntana’ (the howling of which is believed to be enough to drive a man insane). Mother Of Six have just finished a megalithic performance at the town’s ‘Underground’ club, and amongst the cacophony of feedback, wind and noise a lone Catalan fisherman stands at the centre of the dance floor, chunky sweatered, bearded and with a bottle of nasty spirits in each hand screams ‘ART PUNK’!! ‘ART PUNK!!’ into the faces of the band.
As much a compliment as a concise description of what it’s all about.
That’s something that many with a much better grasp of the English language can fail to do. There are so many ‘Heavy’ bands around these days, and it’s easy to pigeonhole music after the first 5 seconds of listening.
Scratch a little beneath the surface however and you’ll find that these four North Walian druids have a lot more going on. Their debut EP is proof of that, as it weaves from ancient mythology via krautrock, old sea shanties to extreme ambient experimentalism.
Art punk, call it what you like there’s something really interesting here that goes a fair few fathoms down and is well worth the time to explore.

JB, Honduras Oct ‘09


CASTELL - single, released August 09, available worldwide on itunes, amazon
MOTHER OF SIX EP - released Nov 30th 09, available worldwide on itunes, amazon

Set List

1 set of 35 mins to 60 mins of our own materiel includes all the songs from both releases