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Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Rock Funk




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The motherload

Released on Record Union

Track list:
  1. Showstarter (Feat. Mattias "IA" Eklundh)
  2. Posterboy
  3. Silver Spoon
  4. Ropes and Dreams
  5. Sooner or Later
  6. Supervisionary man
  7. Waste my time (Feat. Martin Svanstrom)
  8. Voodoo Queen
  9. Simon Says (Feat. Paulo Mendonca)
  10. New Home
The debut album by Motherpearl is truly the craftsmanship of four dedicated musicians, taking the step outside the comfort zone of a normal studio and letting the music grow through the process of recording it themselves. What originally started as a pre-production, grew into a number of sessions in which the band members challenged each other in reinvent the music already created. 

As the contributions from Mattias Eklundh and Paulo Mendonca raised the bar for the album, the band decided to outsource the mix to analogue studio master Joakim Styren (Alien, A-teens, Kurt Nielsen), as opposed to do the job themselves.
String arrangements were also made on "Sooner or Later" by Mattias Bylund (One direction, Brandy, Demi Lovato), and a saxophone addition on "Waste my time" by Martin Svanstrom (Paulo Mendonca)

All songs are recorded by Motherpearl, aside from tracks 2,6 and 8 wich were recorded at Top Floor Studios by Jakob Herrmann

Produced by Martin Brisshěą„ll/Motherpearl
Mix by Joakim Styren @ Panorama music
Master by Daniel Muhr @



Formed in 2006..
..Motherpearl has grown over the years. What started as somewhat of a jazzier constellation, now sheds its skin as a fully formed rock quartet with its roots somewhere along the likes of Extreme, Mr. Big and Swedish prog-metal band Freak Kitchen. The result is as catchy and energetic as it is vibrant and fun. 

As singer Martin Brisshall joined the band in 2010..
..the urge to start recording was so great that the band recorded an EP in November that year, aided by friend and producer Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg.

Two years later and with a good response from fans and media, the band started the process of recording what was to be their debut album "The motherload". Mainly recording the entire album themselves, apart from including the songs from the 2010 EP, the album grew over a period of about two years before Joakim StyrĂ̠n (Panorama music), started the mixing process. That was initially supposed to be something done by the band themselves, but as guest artists such as Mattias "IA" Eklundh (Freak kitchen), and funk fanatic Paulo Mendonca endorsed the music and added some guest solos, the band finally gave up the idea of the full DIY process, and gave the mix to Joakim.

Released i May 2014 
both the band as well as the new album has barely made it out of the gates, but as reviews from all over start to pour in, the future of this band looks more than promising. The band has also set a deadline for the next album to be released not more than one year from the release of the debut album. 

So the race is on.

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