Mothers Favorite Child
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Mothers Favorite Child

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band R&B Jazz




"Brooklyn Baby single - iTunes"

Right there – a slick groove in the form of a woman created by the vibe of a borough in New York City . . . “she was from Brooklyn, baby”. If ever a song could harness the essence of the electromagnetic undertones of a fine female, “Brooklyn Baby” would be a most excellent gesture. Even before the first lyric emerges, the swagger of the baseline lets us know we’re about to slide right into an attitude we can’t shake. It’s a warm melody in hot pursuit of an urban swing. It’s an ode to the pleasure and mystery of infatuation. By the time the inevitable “fade out” is upon us, we’re left asking ourselves “what’s the quickest way to Brooklyn?” - Review by: buySOUL - iTunes

"Mothers Favorite Child Studio Recordings"

Their songs are faultless - each one is memorable, original and very soulful. "The Difference" is gloriously old-fashioned and "Until Now" is wonderful in all its simplicity. These songs are beautiful - as essential as anything by Jill Scott or Jaguar Wright. - Reveiew by: Joe Lickens CD Baby

"Mothers Favorite Child Live"

Every so often over the last 2 years, I have heard songs by Mother's Favorite Child, one of my favorite indie groups on before its demise. Their lineup seems to have changed a bit since I first heard the band, but their approach to music has not: a throwback to the earthy, authentic soul/R&B we used to take for granted back in the day. When I hear MFC, I remember loving artists like Rufus and Sly Stone and Bill Withers. The instruments and the feelings are all authentic, the lyrics are interesting and creative and the vocals are something special, not trying to overwhelm me with flash or power but trying to communicate with me and get me to feel something. The arrangements are jazzy and a little loose, tight enough to let me know they are pros while improvisatory enough to let me know each performance is unique.

When listening to a live performance of a song, it is helpful to have heard a studio recording first, to get a good sense of how the song was composed, and then to be able to judge how well the live version preserves and enhances the song's qualities. Fortunately for me, MFC's website includes a demo version of "Gently", along with the lyrics, and this is a lovely song. With some very sweet harmonies over a slow-mid tempo light jazzy groove, the song describes the surreal, other-worldly feeling of being in love and the willingness to take the big risk of floating high without a safety net: "I’m high in the sky/ And I fear I won’t know how to land/ If my insecurities get the best of me/ Keep me in flight/ And if I must come down/ Please please, let it be gently." The song's lyrical poetry is delivered on this demo with a lilting, soulful style, allowing the rhythms of the words to tumble along and not be constricted or stifled.

All of which brings us to the live performance at S.O.B.'s. Here the simple demo arrangement has been fleshed out nicely, beginning with some very tasteful jazz sax and trombone unison work. The two female vocalists (lead and harmony) do a beautiful job delivering the song with a spontaneous, organic feel, with all of its nuances and harmonies intact. A Bob James-like electric piano solo follows, and then we return to the chorus, and MFC brings us back to Earth gently.

As is generally the case with live recordings, this one is not as crisp as it would have been in a recording studio, but there are no significant problems I could point out. The mix and the recording quality are both better than most live indie recordings I have heard.

MFC is apparently very comfortable in a live setting, as evidenced by the band's ability to deliver a subtle and delicate composition so gracefully on stage. I look forward to a future opportunity to hear this band in concert and I encourage you to do so also. - Review by: Chris Aranosian Gods of Music Magazine


Feb 10, 2015 Reflections of A Disco Ball Spectra Music Group

January 25, 2015 No Excuses Eloni Yawn featuring Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child TopNotch/Universal

November 4, 2014 Sick CeCe Peniston Spectra Music Group

March 31,2013 MFC Collective Sweet Soul Records

January 12, 2012 Baptism by Fire" Island/Def Jam Recording



Something spicy has been simmering in the hot pot of the Urban/Soul Jazz music scenes and it’s about to boil over. Mothers Favorite Child and their upcoming new album, titled Fat Bottom Lip, is a musical gumbo of Jazz, Funk, Rock and even Hip-Hop flavors skillfully fused together with unconventional lyric and melody ideas from the pits of a schizophrenic Soul. The announcement of this project does come with a warning: This potent potion of thick, sticky grooves could cause you to develop a Fat Bottom Lip as your face begins to take the shape of what stankin’ Funk looks like.

There are no musical boundaries and there will be no apologies for what has transpired beneath the surface of the proverbial “scene”. Coming up from the “UN-scene” is a new spirit of Jazz. This mischievous rebellion of sound encompasses every bit of what has ever inspired Paris Toon to make music in the first place. What that means is that if you’ve ever found yourself blissfully immersed in some of the most innovative brews of sound under names like Herbie Hancock & The Head Hunters, Miles Davis, George Clinton, Sly Stone, Led Zeppelin, Nile Rodgers, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Pete Rock, The Roots, DJ Premiere or even the Beastie Boys, you will feel a new kind of nostalgia that rockets you into an alternate universe.  Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child have not just presented us with a new sound from their vault but a new temperament comprised of multiple personalities. The only true way to catch this “drift” is to bring your earholes to the table when this album is served.

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