Motherseat is a true rock and roll band that blends melodic vocals with blistering guitar solos creating an original, raw sound. A FULL LENGTH CD OUT ON 7-15-2006


Formed in December of 2004, Motherseat is quickly making waves in the Boston Rock scene. Songwriter Matt Snook has teamed up with Berklee students Katy Cone and Hiroshi Sembon , Berklee grad Masa Sasaki, and veteran bassist Ryan Buckley. Together they create original music that is full of edgy riffs, poetic lyrics, haunting melodies, and blistering guitar solos. Motherseat's five members are all dedicated and professional musicians; their music is their day job, their night job, and their passion.

Motherseat recorded ENEMY, a 5 song demo, & is currently working on a full length CD to be available on 7-15-2006.

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Influences: Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd


2006 ENEMY (5 song demo)

Singles- Enemy & Silver Lining

7-15-2006 - Full length CD will be available.

Set List

Set list: Enemy, Roses, Twist of Fate, Mile Away, Again & Again, I'm not coming back, Savannah, For You, Never Thought, .45, Spirit of '76, Song For Sorrow, Silver Lining, When Your Gone, The End, Sympathy (Rolling Stones), Paint it Black (Rolling Stones), Sex Type Thing (STP).

One or two sets. Each set is usually about 45 minutes.

Covers: Rolling Stones, STP