Springfield, Missouri, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Motherstar is a modern, classic rock band: we are harder, progressive rock, but with vocals that are more akin to the classic rock genre.


In an age of music saturated with watered-down replicas, Motherstar has arrived to breathe new life into the world of rock. Hailing from the Midwestern party-haven of Springfield, Missouri, Motherstar’s powerful and unique blend of straight-ahead rock, metal, and progressive rock is inspired by legends like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, as well as by modern rock masters like Sevendust and 311. Motherstar was formed in 2007 by five guys with a dream, the dream of inspiring the world with music. Sharing a bond thicker than blood, the members of Motherstar—vocalist Danny Cunningham, guitarists Dan Monfils and Kyle Rocksdale, bassist Ruben Smith, and drummer Brett Jacques—embody a passion for music and the thrill of living.

Epic melodies and addictive grooves form the foundation of the Motherstar sound, and the band’s debut album ‘Rise and Shine’ showcases thirteen innovative tracks. The album was recorded in the band’s hometown by engineer Jeff Smith, mixed at House of Blues Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, and mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles. ‘Rise and Shine’ was officially released on May 8, 2010, and is available for purchase online through the band’s website, The album is also available for download through online music services iTunes, MySpace Music, Zune, Napster, and Limewire.

The band’s intense live show, which continues to evolve, shines with emotion and throwdown celebration. The band’s live set also brings with it a fully syncopated, professional light show, programmed and designed completely by the band. Motherstar looks to continue playing live, writing and recording music, and touring as much as is possible in the future, and is focused on the goal of becoming a full-time rock act. The band is poised to play with anyone and for everyone, and refuses to rest until timeless rock has been revived.


Rise and Shine(2010)-Full Length album